college is terrible

So John, Crestani, and Dom made a fair attempt at going to the WWII Weekend at Eckley Miners’ Village this past weekend. Disaster. The gp small tent that John and Crestani had ordered a while back leaks. So, of course, as you can imagine almost everything got completely soaked. The new tent stove John bought rusted out, and now has to be refinished; and god forbid, now the tent needs fixed as well before anything can really be done with it. At least for now the tent got set back up in Crestani’s backyard and once it dries out enough it can be fixed from there, which is still fucking ridiculous in my opinion anyway. Why pay over $600 for a tent that ends up leaking the first time you try to legitimately use it. Not really much of a surprise though considering it shipped from California and god forbid those brainwashed liberal mother-fuckers don’t try and do anything that they possibly can to fuck over anyone who doesn’t agree with their distorted views on life, liberty, and global economics altogether……Anyway, the tent will eventually get fixed and we will all move on with our lives.
I recently found out as well that my grandfather has to have heart surgery in a couple weeks, hopefully everything with that will go alright. I always thought that because of all of the medications he was on that they couldn’t do surgery on him…so I’m not quite sure why that changed all of a sudden. But I’m wishing him the best as I know that he is probably concerned with how things will turn out.
Textbooks and preparing for the coming college semester are pissing me off beyond belief. I needed to buy the rest of my books and software and of course my mom, who is supposed to be paying for my books, is putting things off until the last minute and I had to just buy them up front myself. I now literally have like $17 to my name and I don’t get paid this week at all. I don’t get paid until next Friday, so I’m going to be fucked altogether…increasingly pisses me off beyond belief. I mean she has known for a while that I would need my books, but of course, she can’t manage to plan ahead long enough to do something properly for once when it comes to taking care of her child, that’s apparently too much to ask. If her other kid wasn’t a complete fuck i’d actually be concerned with how she treats it considering i’m the favorite. She literally makes me want to scream sometimes….like seriously it isn’t that difficult to take care of your own kids. If you can’t you should have given them away or aborted them in the first place. Abortions are tax deductible for a reason….


somber days of death

It is not that difficult to turn on your lights when dusk starts setting in. Whether it’s a button, knob, or switch it’s all fairly simple. There is no reason that if you’re capable of driving once it is starting to get “late” in the day that you cannot manage to turn on your lights. To make it even worse, if you’re in a work zone, they should have already been turned on… If you’re that stupid to not turn on your lights: I hope someone doesn’t see you, pulls out in front of you and makes you regret breaking the laws your too stupid to abide by. Some laws were created to make it so that you have less of a chance of being killed, like these two in particular. I’m not saying that I’m even a decent driver, I know I have my issues, but I don’t do anything that drastic. If your lights aren’t on and it’s dark there is a very good chance that you will not be seen by those around you…and that’s just dangerous, straight up deliberate unintelligent.

I also LOVE that I just attempted to buy a DVD that is apparently only being sold as blue-ray. I’m not buying a blue-ray player for a very long time. It’s almost ridiculous that I’m expected to buy a blue-ray player if I want to own the movie. Not gonna happen for a while so they can rightfully kiss my ass if they think it’s gonna work out that way. I was recently informed anyway that the only reason blue-ray is being used for movies over HD is because of the porn industry. Thank God that we live in a country where there is never any real controversy around full on rated X porn but yet second amendment rights are challenged all the time…Bullshit: I think yes.

On a more somber note: I just wanted to offer my condolences for one of my acquaintances: Dominick Halterman. I was informed that his grandfather has passed and I know that he meant a lot to him. His grandfather had impacted his life quite deeply as one of the few father type figures that Dom had. I don’t know either of them that well but I wanted to offer my condolences nonetheless.

do you know what you don’t really know…

So after knowing everything that I am lead to believe about area 51 and government coverups I am questioning what I’ve been told. I mean why would the government deny the existence of area 51 untill the early 2000’s. I mean in 1947 when the “weather ballon” crashed, I am under the impression that it was a conspiracy theory since that day. If there are people that have seen what is inside, why is it that no one is able to say what they’ve seen. Everything seems to be a massive coverup that no one is allowed to investigate, and yet people who do try and discover what happens, they seem to just disappear or go off the map. I find the entire theory of “maximum security” to be complete bull shit. The massive amounts of government lies are just the beginning. I mean if there is no way to see area 51 on maps, whether it is google maps or a hard map, it just isn’t there. Explainable: only if you are hiding something, which I believe that amoung all things that is definitely something our government is lieing about. I mean for such a desolate location, why is there nothing there whatsoever. Why does the security have to be so tight for a place that is apparently not used for anything but military use. I don’t understand why no one asks questions. If random civilians just start dying someone would ask questions…why make it go to that extent, if it’s necessary I am going to start asking questions, before I start seeing civilians drop off one by one. Aspects of the Constitution should be upheld, and a lot of them are being threatened. Whether it’s aliens, second ammendments, achievments, and other things of that nature…someone should be asking questions, about everything. If you work for the government and are sworn to secrecy, maybe you should question what values that you have in your life. I am under the belief that we should question everything included the new developments in our country. It just is unbelievable that people can go about their lives and believe everything they are told. I don’t believe anything that has been said whatsoever in recent months by our government. I will only be impressed when someone replaces Obama and starts something that seems to have been completely abandoned by our government: Telling The Truth. Wonderful concept isn’t it…too bad it has apparently been forgotten. It’s a wonder to realize that the few presidents we’ve had that made an attempt at telling the truth just magically ended up being tragically assassinated. I would kill to know just the truth from our government, for once, I mean I’m sure that it would be horrific, but necessary.

Allergies could get you killed…

As of right now I am not working until Friday. It is definitely a much needed break in my current schedule. I am beyond overwhelmed what with working two jobs, the cancer, and prepping for the next school semester. I just need a few days to, shall we say, compress my life together so as not to implode. I’m to the point now where I am ridiculously stressed out and I am not quite sure just how long it is going to take me to get back into a decent mind frame. Hopefully it won’t take that long considering I am hoping to have a decent portion of time while I am not working to actually chill out and make an attempt at relaxing enough so that I don’t just randomly burst into tears the way that I have been the past few days. It’s quite terrible and I don’t even have a good reason as to why it keeps happening, it just has been. I mean in one aspect I am beyond happy having John in my life and with the way my life has been going, and then on another level I’m just overwhelmed and it seems like my brain is about to short circuit on me for whatever reason. Surprisingly my boss doesn’t seem to mind that I won’t be at work until Friday. I still have to work for John but at least I don’t have to go to my job. Let us make the best of this small vacation shall we comrades 🙂

John’s allergies, however, are driving me up a fucking wall. Just in the time it took me to type that sentence about his allergies, he sneezed three times, and again just now. They make me want to take him by the throat…. but I won’t because I love him and he doesn’t do me any good if I strangle him. I would be miserable without him, I’ve gotten so used to him being around that I actually kind of feel comfortable with him in my life. I’m hoping that he will choose to be a permanent ornament in my life, but that will be his decision. On another note, my hair is driving me nuts as well. It seems to be pretty unmanageable. I am letting it grow out since John likes it that way. So far it just seems to look like a complete mess, but whatever he likes I guess is fine with me. I mean he is the one that will have to look at it anyway.

Reevaluation of Epic Porportions

John and I got into our first fight the other day. He was sitting on our bedroom floor watching YouTube videos. He had received a call from his cleaning job that he needed to make sure the cobwebs were cleaned. This is the job which I have been covering for him for the past few weeks. I can’t get the cobwebs since there is no way for me to reach them at all. Don’t get me wrong, I used to much attitude when I asked him what he planned to do when the bank called the company tomorrow and complained, but he didn’t have to yell at me the way he did. I mean I am covering his job for him and I don’t expect anything whatsoever in return. He ended up getting ready for work, leaving, and going to clean up the cobwebs without speaking to me. As I cried my eyes out, I attempted to go on about my day, within an hour he apologized and things were supposed to be okay. I still am uneasy about it but I love him nonetheless and I hope that he can realize I was just trying to make it so that he doesn’t get fired.

The other morning John called me around 4 a.m. and had me get up, grab his rucksack and meet him in a parking lot. While they were at the factory a fight broke out between the Mexicans and the other Spanish guys that worked there. The guy, Jose, we took shooting with us the other day had stuck up for John when their foreman was being a dick and then the group of Mexican’s started beating the shit out of Jose. John and I went to Jose’s hotel room and helped him clean up his face. It was swollen quite drastically, and he was definitely in a lot of pain. He may end up pressing charges for it, I know he has already talked to the State Police about the incident. John is stilled covered in bruises and he has a gash across his right shoulder. Needless to say all but a few of the guys involved in the fight were all fired and they are now trying to build up their crew again.

I need to clean our apartment as soon as possible. I know, I’m sure that sounds ridiculous considering I’m taking the time to update my blog, but I procrastinate and I’m willing to admit that. It wouldn’t be that bad but it is currently 12:17 EST and it is still about 80 degrees. Worst part of that is, it is hotter in our apartment than it is outside. I also need to finish sewing one of John’s reenacting jackets, but when I was working on it earlier I snapped one of my needles in half trying to go through the patch he needs attached before next weekend. We also have a sink full of dishes and laundry that needs put away, all of which is my responsibility as I am a girl. That’s the way it should be anyway. I have very old school values when it comes to relationships and what females should be responsible for. I have to be to work by 10 tomorrow morning, so I am running out of time if I plan to get any amount of sleep.

Only other interesting thing that happened was last night when I went to Walmart to check for ammo for John, some guy found it necessary to hit on me in the parking lot. I found it quite entertaining that he was that desperate, especially since I had been working all day and I know I didn’t look that good at all.

Hopefully I can find time at some point to keep things updated.

Bitches be trippin’

So John woke me up this morning when he got off of work and we went to the Texas for breakfast. After that we came back home and slept. I had to get up at 1:00 since I needed to get ready and be at the unit by 14:30. As soon as I got there I had to sit in on their staff meeting where the girl who’s job I am taking was throwing a fit about the way things are ran at the unit. She has gotten to the point where she rarely shows up to anything and she refuses to sign their checks so that they can pay for the things they need to run the unit. I plan to step in and take her position; maybe it will teach her to step up and take responsibility for her own actions and own up to the things she volunteers herself for. The best part is: She is one of those ridiculously lazy mothers that thinks that just because she opened up her legs and popped out a few kids that she is entitled to all sorts of things for her life. Umm no. Sorry bitch, but not everyone gets things handed to them and some of us have to work for what we have; not all of us get to sit around and turn to mommy and daddy every time we need money. Another problem she brought up was her “health issues”. Bitch I have pancreatic cancer, Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease, I work full time, and I’m a full time student. If I can manage to find time to do her Pay Master job as well…I think she could manage to fulfill her duties if she really wanted to. Only problem is she’d have to get off her fat ass and do something good for someone other than herself. These are the kind of people that disgust me beyond belief. I apologize for going HAM there [for anyone who doesn’t know HAM=hard as a motherfucker] , but it was quite necessary for me to vent about the most recent Pennsylvania white trash mother that I have come across. Other than that I got everything for my BDU’s except my jacket, which I will get eventually! 🙂 I am really excited to be helping with this, It will look really good on my resume! (Insert crap line about how it’s all for the children and I don’t care if I’m sacrificing all of my Saturdays when truly it’s quite depressing)

On a much calmer note: I may get to go shooting tomorrow afternoon with John, our friend Crestani, and some of John’s new Spanish workmates. I’m not real thrilled about the Spanish workmates part but I like hanging out with Crestani, and I know that John misses getting to see him as well. Hopefully that turns out okay, I almost wish the Spanish guys would bail so that the three of us could chill, but I’m game for whatever really :p

New Adventures!

I’ve decided to ditch my old blog and start new. A new blog for a new part of my life. I am in college and at a decent place in my life. No reason to bring my past into my present, it just isn’t worth it.

As for everyday things that have happened: My newest accounting textbook came. It’s like four inches thick and just seems to scream: “Fuck Your Existence” every time I look at it. I’m dreading this coming semester as I’m in two upper level accounting classes that I am no where near prepared for. I’m hoping for the best but of course I am expecting the worst… I have yet to get any of my other books yet, and of course it is going to cost me over $1,100 for books in the next couple months. It’s actually quite depressing to be honest. Going into this semester as a Sophomore will definitely be interesting, I’m excited to see what it will be like to have a decent idea of where things are and hopefully not be completely terrified for being one of the youngest students on campus since I graduated high school early.
^On a side note: I actually had a professor bitch me out one time for not voting. I was only 17, so he can rightfully kiss my ass or go back to whatever middle eastern country he came from. #overreacting. I registered to vote when I turned 18.

I noticed this morning that I for whatever reason our mail carrier hasn’t been picking up my electric bill that needed sent out. When I finally looked at the envelope this afternoon, after getting extremely pissed off that she hadn’t taken it again, I realized that I’m fucking stupid. I never put a stamp on the envelope… I almost feel like I should apologize to her, even though I never mentioned anything to her I went through a few horrible scenarios about what I felt to my boyfriend, John. Which of course, I’m completely grateful to have him in my life, especially since he puts up with me being a girl and going over the top when I get upset.

However, I tolerate him as well. He is currently working a night job at a local factory and needs to keep his regular cleaning job as well. Only problem is he hasn’t been going to his regular job so I have been covering for him to save his ass so he doesn’t get fired, especially since he will need his cleaning job when the fall semester starts back up. I don’t really expect him to do anything in return, I’m really just glad that he puts up with me considering we live together and all. So of course that also leads me to do the cooking and cleaning and other female things of that nature: currently he has requested baked Velveeta macaroni and cheese and for the laundry to be done.

Only other interesting thing lately has been my cousin Emily, who I usually call Emilia. Her and her dad have talked me into helping with the Clinton/Lycoming Young Marines. I think it will be rather intriguing. I’m not used to having much structure with my life, so it should be a decent wake up call 🙂 I was requested to be at the barracks tomorrow at 14:30. I’m really excited to see what all will be in store for that adventure! I also hope that I get my BDU’s soon, it would definitely make my day if I came home with them all ready to go.