New Adventures!

I’ve decided to ditch my old blog and start new. A new blog for a new part of my life. I am in college and at a decent place in my life. No reason to bring my past into my present, it just isn’t worth it.

As for everyday things that have happened: My newest accounting textbook came. It’s like four inches thick and just seems to scream: “Fuck Your Existence” every time I look at it. I’m dreading this coming semester as I’m in two upper level accounting classes that I am no where near prepared for. I’m hoping for the best but of course I am expecting the worst… I have yet to get any of my other books yet, and of course it is going to cost me over $1,100 for books in the next couple months. It’s actually quite depressing to be honest. Going into this semester as a Sophomore will definitely be interesting, I’m excited to see what it will be like to have a decent idea of where things are and hopefully not be completely terrified for being one of the youngest students on campus since I graduated high school early.
^On a side note: I actually had a professor bitch me out one time for not voting. I was only 17, so he can rightfully kiss my ass or go back to whatever middle eastern country he came from. #overreacting. I registered to vote when I turned 18.

I noticed this morning that I for whatever reason our mail carrier hasn’t been picking up my electric bill that needed sent out. When I finally looked at the envelope this afternoon, after getting extremely pissed off that she hadn’t taken it again, I realized that I’m fucking stupid. I never put a stamp on the envelope… I almost feel like I should apologize to her, even though I never mentioned anything to her I went through a few horrible scenarios about what I felt to my boyfriend, John. Which of course, I’m completely grateful to have him in my life, especially since he puts up with me being a girl and going over the top when I get upset.

However, I tolerate him as well. He is currently working a night job at a local factory and needs to keep his regular cleaning job as well. Only problem is he hasn’t been going to his regular job so I have been covering for him to save his ass so he doesn’t get fired, especially since he will need his cleaning job when the fall semester starts back up. I don’t really expect him to do anything in return, I’m really just glad that he puts up with me considering we live together and all. So of course that also leads me to do the cooking and cleaning and other female things of that nature: currently he has requested baked Velveeta macaroni and cheese and for the laundry to be done.

Only other interesting thing lately has been my cousin Emily, who I usually call Emilia. Her and her dad have talked me into helping with the Clinton/Lycoming Young Marines. I think it will be rather intriguing. I’m not used to having much structure with my life, so it should be a decent wake up call 🙂 I was requested to be at the barracks tomorrow at 14:30. I’m really excited to see what all will be in store for that adventure! I also hope that I get my BDU’s soon, it would definitely make my day if I came home with them all ready to go.


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