Reevaluation of Epic Porportions

John and I got into our first fight the other day. He was sitting on our bedroom floor watching YouTube videos. He had received a call from his cleaning job that he needed to make sure the cobwebs were cleaned. This is the job which I have been covering for him for the past few weeks. I can’t get the cobwebs since there is no way for me to reach them at all. Don’t get me wrong, I used to much attitude when I asked him what he planned to do when the bank called the company tomorrow and complained, but he didn’t have to yell at me the way he did. I mean I am covering his job for him and I don’t expect anything whatsoever in return. He ended up getting ready for work, leaving, and going to clean up the cobwebs without speaking to me. As I cried my eyes out, I attempted to go on about my day, within an hour he apologized and things were supposed to be okay. I still am uneasy about it but I love him nonetheless and I hope that he can realize I was just trying to make it so that he doesn’t get fired.

The other morning John called me around 4 a.m. and had me get up, grab his rucksack and meet him in a parking lot. While they were at the factory a fight broke out between the Mexicans and the other Spanish guys that worked there. The guy, Jose, we took shooting with us the other day had stuck up for John when their foreman was being a dick and then the group of Mexican’s started beating the shit out of Jose. John and I went to Jose’s hotel room and helped him clean up his face. It was swollen quite drastically, and he was definitely in a lot of pain. He may end up pressing charges for it, I know he has already talked to the State Police about the incident. John is stilled covered in bruises and he has a gash across his right shoulder. Needless to say all but a few of the guys involved in the fight were all fired and they are now trying to build up their crew again.

I need to clean our apartment as soon as possible. I know, I’m sure that sounds ridiculous considering I’m taking the time to update my blog, but I procrastinate and I’m willing to admit that. It wouldn’t be that bad but it is currently 12:17 EST and it is still about 80 degrees. Worst part of that is, it is hotter in our apartment than it is outside. I also need to finish sewing one of John’s reenacting jackets, but when I was working on it earlier I snapped one of my needles in half trying to go through the patch he needs attached before next weekend. We also have a sink full of dishes and laundry that needs put away, all of which is my responsibility as I am a girl. That’s the way it should be anyway. I have very old school values when it comes to relationships and what females should be responsible for. I have to be to work by 10 tomorrow morning, so I am running out of time if I plan to get any amount of sleep.

Only other interesting thing that happened was last night when I went to Walmart to check for ammo for John, some guy found it necessary to hit on me in the parking lot. I found it quite entertaining that he was that desperate, especially since I had been working all day and I know I didn’t look that good at all.

Hopefully I can find time at some point to keep things updated.


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