do you know what you don’t really know…

So after knowing everything that I am lead to believe about area 51 and government coverups I am questioning what I’ve been told. I mean why would the government deny the existence of area 51 untill the early 2000’s. I mean in 1947 when the “weather ballon” crashed, I am under the impression that it was a conspiracy theory since that day. If there are people that have seen what is inside, why is it that no one is able to say what they’ve seen. Everything seems to be a massive coverup that no one is allowed to investigate, and yet people who do try and discover what happens, they seem to just disappear or go off the map. I find the entire theory of “maximum security” to be complete bull shit. The massive amounts of government lies are just the beginning. I mean if there is no way to see area 51 on maps, whether it is google maps or a hard map, it just isn’t there. Explainable: only if you are hiding something, which I believe that amoung all things that is definitely something our government is lieing about. I mean for such a desolate location, why is there nothing there whatsoever. Why does the security have to be so tight for a place that is apparently not used for anything but military use. I don’t understand why no one asks questions. If random civilians just start dying someone would ask questions…why make it go to that extent, if it’s necessary I am going to start asking questions, before I start seeing civilians drop off one by one. Aspects of the Constitution should be upheld, and a lot of them are being threatened. Whether it’s aliens, second ammendments, achievments, and other things of that nature…someone should be asking questions, about everything. If you work for the government and are sworn to secrecy, maybe you should question what values that you have in your life. I am under the belief that we should question everything included the new developments in our country. It just is unbelievable that people can go about their lives and believe everything they are told. I don’t believe anything that has been said whatsoever in recent months by our government. I will only be impressed when someone replaces Obama and starts something that seems to have been completely abandoned by our government: Telling The Truth. Wonderful concept isn’t it…too bad it has apparently been forgotten. It’s a wonder to realize that the few presidents we’ve had that made an attempt at telling the truth just magically ended up being tragically assassinated. I would kill to know just the truth from our government, for once, I mean I’m sure that it would be horrific, but necessary.


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