somber days of death

It is not that difficult to turn on your lights when dusk starts setting in. Whether it’s a button, knob, or switch it’s all fairly simple. There is no reason that if you’re capable of driving once it is starting to get “late” in the day that you cannot manage to turn on your lights. To make it even worse, if you’re in a work zone, they should have already been turned on… If you’re that stupid to not turn on your lights: I hope someone doesn’t see you, pulls out in front of you and makes you regret breaking the laws your too stupid to abide by. Some laws were created to make it so that you have less of a chance of being killed, like these two in particular. I’m not saying that I’m even a decent driver, I know I have my issues, but I don’t do anything that drastic. If your lights aren’t on and it’s dark there is a very good chance that you will not be seen by those around you…and that’s just dangerous, straight up deliberate unintelligent.

I also LOVE that I just attempted to buy a DVD that is apparently only being sold as blue-ray. I’m not buying a blue-ray player for a very long time. It’s almost ridiculous that I’m expected to buy a blue-ray player if I want to own the movie. Not gonna happen for a while so they can rightfully kiss my ass if they think it’s gonna work out that way. I was recently informed anyway that the only reason blue-ray is being used for movies over HD is because of the porn industry. Thank God that we live in a country where there is never any real controversy around full on rated X porn but yet second amendment rights are challenged all the time…Bullshit: I think yes.

On a more somber note: I just wanted to offer my condolences for one of my acquaintances: Dominick Halterman. I was informed that his grandfather has passed and I know that he meant a lot to him. His grandfather had impacted his life quite deeply as one of the few father type figures that Dom had. I don’t know either of them that well but I wanted to offer my condolences nonetheless.


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