college is terrible

So John, Crestani, and Dom made a fair attempt at going to the WWII Weekend at Eckley Miners’ Village this past weekend. Disaster. The gp small tent that John and Crestani had ordered a while back leaks. So, of course, as you can imagine almost everything got completely soaked. The new tent stove John bought rusted out, and now has to be refinished; and god forbid, now the tent needs fixed as well before anything can really be done with it. At least for now the tent got set back up in Crestani’s backyard and once it dries out enough it can be fixed from there, which is still fucking ridiculous in my opinion anyway. Why pay over $600 for a tent that ends up leaking the first time you try to legitimately use it. Not really much of a surprise though considering it shipped from California and god forbid those brainwashed liberal mother-fuckers don’t try and do anything that they possibly can to fuck over anyone who doesn’t agree with their distorted views on life, liberty, and global economics altogether……Anyway, the tent will eventually get fixed and we will all move on with our lives.
I recently found out as well that my grandfather has to have heart surgery in a couple weeks, hopefully everything with that will go alright. I always thought that because of all of the medications he was on that they couldn’t do surgery on him…so I’m not quite sure why that changed all of a sudden. But I’m wishing him the best as I know that he is probably concerned with how things will turn out.
Textbooks and preparing for the coming college semester are pissing me off beyond belief. I needed to buy the rest of my books and software and of course my mom, who is supposed to be paying for my books, is putting things off until the last minute and I had to just buy them up front myself. I now literally have like $17 to my name and I don’t get paid this week at all. I don’t get paid until next Friday, so I’m going to be fucked altogether…increasingly pisses me off beyond belief. I mean she has known for a while that I would need my books, but of course, she can’t manage to plan ahead long enough to do something properly for once when it comes to taking care of her child, that’s apparently too much to ask. If her other kid wasn’t a complete fuck i’d actually be concerned with how she treats it considering i’m the favorite. She literally makes me want to scream sometimes….like seriously it isn’t that difficult to take care of your own kids. If you can’t you should have given them away or aborted them in the first place. Abortions are tax deductible for a reason….


4 comments on “college is terrible

    • I don’t expect anything from anyone. I’ve had to many things happen for that. People shouldn’t say they are going to do things if they don’t plan on following through. No one should guarantee something if they are unsure of the actual facts. If she didn’t have the money she shouldn’t have agreed to pay for the books I am supposed to have, with a preset deadline she was already aware of. That’s all I’m really saying. Yes, I’m grateful for what she has done, but as for being a “mother” just shooting a baby out makes you a biological mother, being an actual mother takes a great deal more effort. I’d never treat my child the way she has her children. At the very least she has given me decent insight on what to do and what not to do. It’s not like I’m not trying either I’m working overtime at my job, taking 18 credits in college, and have volunteer work as well as an internship…I’m definitely trying, but I would never say it’s easy, just as what she has done isn’t easy. The only difference is I haven’t given up. She holds it against me that she didn’t finish college, but I’m not the one that had the baby, that was her decision.

      • I made the comment because, honestly, if mom is paying for parts of your education then there is where you should concentrate. Be thankful someone is helping you, without expectation.

        One other piece of “sage advice”. Mom might “hold it against you” or appear too. But finish the job and she will be proud. If there is TRULY jealousy there let it go, ignore it, and pretend you can’t see it. To endorse it and acknowledge it gives power to those who are jealous.

      • I’ve done all sorts of “impressive” things, I’ve yet to get a “good job” or anything of that nature. I don’t quite know what her deal is, but I’m over it.

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