Sleep deprivation

I started reading for intermediate accounting this morning. I made it about 15 pages in before I wanted to put a hollow point through my skull. I don’t mind doing the actual applied work, but the books and studying definitions is enough to make anyone want to off themselves. It’s ridiculous.
John and I watched a movie earlier, it was decent, but other than that I have been too tired to do much of anything at all. I feel terrible and I’m hoping that tomorrow goes by quite quickly. I have to work for myself and John but I need time to relax or something. I don’t know that I can, but I hope I can do something. I have zero energy at all. I also have like no money since I had to buy textbooks. I get paid tomorrow though, luckily I can make it work.
Saturday I have young marines all day so i’m just hoping I can function efficiently. As long as I don’t fall asleep while i”m driving or something I’ll be alright. If I have to mainline coffee for the next couple days I will :p


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