let’s just steal a bike…and then get caught

All was normal today at work. Then after a while one of my coworkers, Ryan, who was finished working for the day, came back and sat with my other coworker, Matt, and me. We were all tossing insults and jokes back and forth like normal, then all of a sudden Matt makes a reference to paying a fine. I apparently gave a weird look, because Ryan then asked me if anyone had told me what had happened yet. They proceeded to tell me that over the past weekend they stole a fucking bike. A random bike out of their neighborhood, and didn’t really try and hide it all that well. I guess Matt got arrested, like legit arrested: cuffed, questioned, booked etc. Like what the fuck, I never really thought about things like that happening to people around me. I doubt that they learned their lesson though. It wouldn’t surprise me if they continued to get into trouble. I mean I know a lot of people on drugs, alcoholics, and all that but I never really thought about it too much. It definitely caught me off guard, I mean I’m now old enough to be tried as an adult if I’d fuck up like that. Luckily Matt and Ryan were released. Matt ended up with a bunch of fines and Ryan is being tried for conspiracy to commit a crime.

As for other updates. I have young marines in the morning, or later I guess considering it’s like 1 a.m. I am definitely getting tired, but of course I have about twenty different things that I want to do. At the very least I managed to get a decent amount of things done today. I finally got the last of my textbooks, did all our dishes, got laundry around, cleaned our kitchen, got my binder ready for young marines tomorrow and paid our electric bill. It doesn’t seem like much but I also worked a full day of work today, so it definitely added up. John and I also went to dinner tonight. I’m really happy that he does random things like that for me, it makes a massive difference and he’s extremely considerate and cute. It was amazing of course. I was glad that I got to spend time with him, and I can’t wait until Sunday when I get to spend the day with him! I love getting to see him, it means a lot more now that I don’t get to see him that often anymore since our schedules are so different.


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