Zero Time

Things have been beyond crazy. I’m not really sure what I’m exactly supposed to do at this point. Between classes work and Volunteer work I barely have time to do anything at all. I’ve been trying to find as much as my free time as I can to spend with John but of course that’s difficult since his schedule been pretty crazy as well. I’m happy with him, but of course but I miss him like crazy when he’s gone. Like right now he is at a reenactment in Gettysburg for the weekend. I’m not sure what I’d do without him in my life he seems to give me a reason to get up every morning anymore. I just,  I don’t seem to care much about college or anything like I used to.  I just I want to have time to have fun or do something or anything that I actually enjoy I have no time that I can just enjoy my life with my wonderful boyfriend, who I can’t wait to make my wonderful fiancé and then my wonderful husband someday. He is exactly what I want for my life and I’m so far beyond happy to have him as my own. He is the only thing keeping me from wanting to scoop my head off.


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