Desperately Wish to Sleep

So I have a ridiculous amount of things that I need to finish today. At the very least most of the apartment is already clean. I do however need to work on John’s computer homework, do my computer homework, go to the bank, finish my health labs, take a quiz, study for the two exams that I missed and am making up on Tuesday, take a movie back that we rented, call my grandparents, get nine volt batteries, and a few other miscellaneous things. All of which I should be working on, but instead I am sitting here updating my blog. Not really sure that this counts as productive, but hey why not.
Not much has happened recently at all. I went back to classes, which is just as pointless as ever. We thought that the fridge was leaking the other day but it turns out that the jugs of water that were on top of the fridge started to leak for whatever reason. So I called my landlord and waited around for a few hours just for him to tell me that I could have handled the problem myself. I need to go to finish cleaning the bank however, since I didn’t finish it Friday night. I probably should have, but I suck, so of course I didn’t finish. Ultimately, however, I just want to sleep. I was going to start my homework last night but I ended up falling asleep on my couch for most of the night. I just have no energy and I cannot stay awake no matter how much I try. I’m really hoping that my mono isn’t starting to act up again. The second I lie my head down I just start drifting off to sleep. My current mission go get some coffee and go clean the stupid bank…
John is currently packing up at Boalsburg since the timeline event ends today. I hope that I can make it work so that I am home and everything is done before he gets back just since I haven’t seen him since Friday morning, but we’ll figure it out either way I guess.


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