With Time: Coal Turns to Diamonds

I’m so sick at this point that I’m not even sure how I am staying awake. John is sick as well, and I’m not sure which one of us got it first. At least he got to stay home all day and make an attempt at feeling better. I was at work all day, and that was Hell. From about 11 until 2 I was in a constant state of being dizzy and stumbling about, and then it got a little better, but I still felt like I got kicked in the face. At one point I was also lifting laptops above my head so of course the numbness is still bothering me in my right hand, ever since I messed up my shoulder, but it hasn’t ever been this bad before. I’m just hoping it will go away. John bit my hand earlier to see if I could feel it, he claimed he was biting pretty hard, but I couldn’t feel it. That scares me a little, I’m not sure what I should do about it.
Right now I’m waiting for John to come home from work, which always seems like it drags on and on. Then the second he gets back time just starts flying by. It sucks, but at least we have fun with each other. Despite anything that we’ve been through from the miscarriage, to my talking to Mattie, to him cheating on me. I feel like we could get through anything together. He is there for me and I love having him as that person that I turn to whenever something interesting happens or whenever I need something I know that I can count on him to come through for me no matter what.


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