Why Do We Procrastinate So Much?

Even just the time I’m spending writing this I could probably be doing something more productive. So then why am I doing it? It makes little sense to me why I spend so much of my time fucking around when I know I have other things that I should be doing. However, it appears to be something that I find necessary, even if it’s just subconsciously, I’m not quite sure why, but it seems to be helpful. Just knowing that I’ve bothered to do simple things like update this or other random activities that won’t really get me anywhere in life: it somehow seems important. I see it constantly, every time that John picks up his laptop he always ends up on facebook or youtube no matter what his original intentions were for getting on the internet in the first place. I just wish that I was capable of structuring my life in such a way that there was no margin for error and that instead of considering this to be a “fucking around” task, it is just a form of scheduled leisurely activity. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel like a complete fuck up every time I take the time to do something that isn’t high on my to do list. I mean I’ve got at least a six page paper due, and hell I didn’t even bother going to class today, just because I didn’t really feel that well and I didn’t want to. So basically, I suck. On the bright side I ended up getting an email saying that my first class was canceled anyway, but that really doesn’t help considering even if we had had the class I still wouldn’t have gone anyway. I realize that I easily could have gone to the other two but I just didn’t. I need to get out of this ridiculous habit that I’ve fallen into and I need to do it quickly because the longer that I spend “fucking around” with my days the more depressive I become. I can tell it’s getting worse and my ability to actually care whatsoever about my responsibilities is slowly fading. Something needs to change, but I’m not sure what yet…


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