Far Too Forgetful Apparently

So while John and I were in Bellefonte yesterday I left my wallet at his parents house. Yes, I know, I suck. I wouldn’t have even realized it until this morning had his mom not texted me and mentioned that it was there. Luckily his dad is working on the new state police barracks that are being built, a lot closer to us than driving the entire way back to Bellefonte. The thing that sucks is that I had pretty much no gas in my car, which made things even worse. So John woke up early and took me to get my wallet and then took me to work just because it made things easier, and he loves me of course 😉 Haha but of course, on our way to get my wallet we made the decision to go get breakfast, little did we know that John forget to get his money out of his other clothes. He finally realize when he was about to pay for the food we ordered. With him being the person that he is, he told them that he was going to get money and then he’d be back. This made us even later than we already were. I knew that when I fell back asleep this morning that I was going to be late for work, but I was ridiculously comfortable and I didn’t actually care enough to get up. The value that I have been placing on sleep these past few days has been far beyond what it normally consists of.

Work was pretty typical. There wasn’t really anything interesting that happened at all. I apparently listed a camera on ebay a while back that supposedly had a charger with it. This charger, and it’s USB cable, were never actually sent with the camera. Weird thing was it was all in a box. I searched through all of the extra chargers and things we keep in the store, but I didn’t find one of the ones that I was looking for anywhere. I even went to the extent of searching through the chargers and other cables that I keep in my desk drawer, just for convenience. No where to be found. I’m not sure why it was never sent, and I have absolutely no idea where it would have gone if we had kept it at the store. Somehow I wonder if we will ever figure out what happened to this mysterious disappearing charger. Of course there is always the chance that the guy did get the charger in the first place and is just lying…but who would ever do such a thing….oh yeah, everyone pretty much….Why do people suck so much? The world may never know.

I ended up getting fries from the Texas for dinner since Emily took me home. She ended up taking me home since she was coming back to campus to watch movies and fuck around with her boyfriend thing, not sure what the hell is title actually is. God forbid they actually have the balls to have a conversation to see where they stand with one another. Anyway, they were getting take out from the Texas, so I just called in and picked up an order of fries since she wanted me to go with her to pick it up anyway. The food there isn’t even that good, I’m not really sure why we eat it all the time but we do. At this point it just seems to be habit, but I like it nonetheless. It makes me happy so I don’t plan on questioning it.

I came home, ate my fries and then watched a movie with John. I miss having time to just hang out with him without having ten million things running through my mind. I just wish that I could be capable of doing things like that without constantly thinking of all the random shit that I should be doing. I know, however, that I need to put some effort into my schoolwork before it ends up backfiring on me. The last thing I want is for my grades to be affected by how much I fuck around.


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