Benadryl…My Life is Better Now

It seems like it has been far too long since my last update, even if it has just been a few days. So much has happened in the past few days. I found out that the cold that I had that wouldn’t go away was pneumonia and that I needed to be on all sorts of medication to get the cough to go way from it. I guess I was to the point where my lungs were starting to become inflamed since I wasn’t taking anything and spent a vast majority of my day sounding like a dying animal. Anyway, I am at least taking things now to start to try and get myself back to normal. I have also been pretty much just drinking Benadryl right out of the bottle since Friday morning. My P.A. advised me that it would make me feel a lot better, and it does. I felt a little too good actually. So with some extensive internet research…..*cough* one visit to urban dictionary…..I have realized that Benadryl is being used as a cheap/quick high for the kiddies now a days. Ah the things we subject ourselves to just to remember or forget our pasts. I’m sure that’ll probably do some decent internal organ damage over time. Speaking of, I was rather surprised that I didn’t get carded when I went to purchase the Benadryl. I get carded to buy ammo, which of course won’t do much damage unless it gets ridiculously hot or I load it in a firearm, but no just take the Benadryl no questions asked. They probably assume you won’t be able to open the fucking bottle anyway with those stupid fucking child lock caps so it doesn’t even matter that all you have to do is drink a decent amount before you start tripping. Cuz that makes fucking sense…

On the bright side even sense I have been downing a drastic amount of Benadryl I have been quite happier and have gotten a crap ton more done and I have been so much more productive it’s unreal.


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