You Wanted to Get Screwed on Shipping Right?

My job seems to be getting quite frustrating. I am not as miserable as I was for a while being there but just the entire concept of what I do everyday doesn’t really seem to be beneficial whatsoever. I mean okay, the customer service portion, sure. It could be helpful to someone at some point. But still the random government surplus that I list on E-Bay all day. I don’t think the world would implode or anything if my job just magically disappeared. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that I have my job, ecstatic, and I honestly get overpaid to do what I do. I’m quite grateful for my position, I just wish that it did something more…noticeable I guess. I mean I doubt that my job really affects anyone else’s life in a positive way, unless of course you like getting screwed on shipping prices because I have pretty much mastered that, and I’m just bored with it. I spend about two hours today altogether on the phone with random strangers throwing a royal fit about how they think that $18.00 is too much for shipping. Well, first of all most of our items end up shipping from Pennsylvania to California, a decent distance, and we get stuck paying for it if we didn’t charge the customer enough to begin with. So no, I’m not about to chance your item selling for $9.99 and undercharging you on shipping. Most computer stores screw you on their prices anyway, what with their $30-60/hour labor costs on top of your parts. Would you expect anything less from a computer store that lists government surplus? Well if you did have expectations…you shouldn’t. Occasionally there are a few amusing items that I come across but I could probably list a laptop or a barcode scanner in my sleep at this point. I usually love the laid-back desk work that I get to do though. The occasional heavy lifting might be necessary, but other than that it’s pretty enjoyable. Haha if only I could multi-task, clone myself, and feed orphans in my free time or something :p I might not feel like half of my life is completely worthless. On the bright side my co-worker, who is normally a massive bitch, gave me some free candy today! Hopefully it wasn’t poisoned or anything, but we’ll surely find out in a few days if I turn up dead or something drastic.

On another note, school is still pretty annoying overall. I am finally caught up for the most part. At this point I just hope that the rest of this semester goes well and maybe I will approach next semester with a better outlook. In theory I should probably talk to a counselor about trying to not scoop my head off while being an accounting major…but I just haven’t gotten around to it.


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