I’m in a bit of a hurry so this isn’t going to be a drastically long post but anyway :p Finals are finally over, thank god! I have been waiting for this moment for months. I just submitted my last assignment and I can finally say FUCK THIS SEMESTER. This entire semester has been one massive suck fest. I now can focus on work and the other things I need to do like clean our apartment. I am definitely happy to have John around. He has helped me a lot throughout this semester and I don’t know what I’d do without him. I hope that I have time to clean a little bit at least before John comes home tonight. It sucks in a way because I want to clean up but I know that a lot of the stuff is his and I don’t like moving his stuff but I sure as hell don’t want it where half of it is laying. It’s also difficult because our tree is massive and is sort of in the way a little bit, but it’s magnificent nonetheless. It just keeps dropping needles and scares the hell out of me. It will be completely quiet in here and then all I hear is an unfamiliar rustling noise.


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