Planning is pointless

I’m so fucking sick of nothing ever going as planned. Idk why I bother making any plans what so ever anymore if they just disintegrate anyway. There were several people who claimed they were hoping to do things with me for my birthday, which never happened. It’s been over a week, I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised given a few of the people in question.  I mean my cousin has done nothing but pretty much blow me off since the end of first semester, and now she has a boyfriend which makes making any plans with her pretty much impossible. She says that I need to plan in advance with her but she can never make plans ahead of time because she’s never sure what she has to do. So yet again that doesn’t work at all either. She claims she cares but she’s just busy, yet there doesn’t seem to be time for me in get life whatsoever anymore. I see her at work for a few hours a week but they is completely different, it’s not like it’s that difficult to set aside 20 minutes every couple weeks or so,  but apparently that is too much to ask for. Unless she needs my help with something I barely see her anymore. It’s just frustrating considering I used to spend almost every day with her.


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