My Mellow Morning

So I woke up pretty early this morning and made my way to work. I get there and see my coworker standing in Subway so I walked in. She then proceeds to buy me coffee and thus started my pretty awesome morning. As soon as my boss came in I could tell that he was in a decent mood for once, which also made me happy. I hate working with him when he’s upset, it’s just unpleasantly awkward. I also left a bunch of items on my desk from Friday that I forgot about. These being pretty simple, yet time consuming and can easily get me through my morning, all while being very productive at the same time. I’m hoping that the rest of my day continues going the way it has so far. I talked to John earlier and his day isn’t really going as he planned but I’m hoping that it doesn’t really affect my mood since I’m doing pretty well today. I kind of wish that Matt was here, but he called in sick, so I’m on my own in the back of the store pretty much. Things could get interesting by the end of the day!


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