and I Shall Gladly Call John Walker My Fiance <3

It seems like an eternity since I updated my blog last. Since we are kind of at that make it or break it point in the semester, I have been putting most of my energy into making sure that John and I will have the points that we need to get decent grades in our classes. I’ve been trying to help him as much as I can, and I might as well get used to it now if I plan on being a cop’s wife. There’s definitely going to be a lot of sacrifice in the long term, but he’s definitely worth my time. We are engaged now, I don’t know if I mentioned it since it happened, but the every lovely John Walker is now my wonderful fiance. I’ve just been trying to get caught up with all the housework and things that I needed to do. Having John gone again this weekend since he’s at a class with Dom makes it easier for me to clean. I just miss him of course, especially since he was gone all of last weekend as well and during the week I usually seem him a few hours at most, aside from when we’re sleeping. I actually managed to put in a decent amount of hours this week at work as well, so I am extremely happy about that. I am slowly starting to be able to pay off the credit card debt that I have since I put John’s one year/engagement gun present on my card. It sounds like it was a bad decision but it was actually a pretty good one. I love him so much and I’m happy that I have the opportunity to do nice things for him. Of course I occasionally feel under appreciated, but who doesn’t feel that way from time to time. I’m excited to call him my fiance and to have him in my life for the long term. I know we might have to be apart the next few years with him getting into the academy and training and my finishing college, but we’ll make it work. It’s not like we really see each other that much now anyway with the way our schedules work, but I would take not seeing each other as much in exchange for actually being financially stable for once. It’s definitely a good feeling. Image


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