I’m glad you expect so much.

John seriously just called me to get directions and pretty much did nothing but yell at me the entire time he was talking to me. First of all I’m not good with directions, especially when I have no idea of anything in the area. Second I was only going by his verbal ques of where he was, and third nothing was going to get accomplished with him starting to yell at me because I’m incapable of giving him an instantaneous response. Either the call dropped or he hung up on me twice while I was trying to help him. There was no reason for it. Of course now I’m sitting here crying not only because he upset me, but because I pretty much couldn’t help him, I’m not sure if I did at all because now he isn’t answering his phone at all. He knows I’m not good with directions and I have no clue whatsoever what is near Milesburg, let alone where the exit for interstate 80 or their high school would be. Like Fuck, do you seriously expect that much from me, because you’re going to be drastically disappointed. I suck at everything that consists of my actually needing to have common sense. 


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