Cappuccino Makes Me Happy

Cappuccino. Cappuccino makes me happy. I want to go get some right now but my cousin is apparently too busy doing laundry to go get some with me. In retrospect she’s supposedly doing laundry but considering she isn’t doing what I want her to that, of course, makes me upset. I’m pretty much being five years old about it, but that’s how things work. I should probably be working on the homework that I have to do but I’m basically taking a small break considering I read three chapters, took three quizzes, did a discussion, and took an entire test. On top of that I also cleaned our entire apartment. I’m really glad that today was a holiday so I don’t have to be at work. At this point I know there is zero chance of my cousin coming to get cappuccino with me. She keeps texting me pretty consistently and it’s border line driving me nuts. I think I might just stop responding and see what happens. For all she knows maybe I fell asleep or something.
I have finally made an appointment to get new glasses. It’s been about four years or so since I’ve actually gone to get them replaced. I’ve noticed that when I don’t have my glasses on my vision seems to be getting increasingly worse over time. Hopefully when I get new ones I will be able to see better. I know it’s been a while but it’s definitely in my best interest to get them replaced. I’m just hoping that it won’t be super expensive to replace them. I have the money, I just don’t like spending a drastic amount of money on something like a pair of glasses. I have considered contacts but the last time I tried they didn’t fit in my eyes right and they would randomly pop out of my eyes if I blinked the wrong way. It was a long time ago, so maybe it’s worth another shot. I would be concerned with my job though considering I am usually around a lot of dust, dirt, and things like that. I also don’t have access to hot water if I would need to try and get them out of my eyes for any reason. Not having hot water would mean I wouldn’t be able to properly clean my hands before I tried to adjust them or anything. But we’ll see what happens once I talk to an actual optometrist about it.
Getting John through the next few weeks is my main goal. His summer classes seem to be putting a lot of stress on him and I want to try and help as best as I can. It just drives me nuts knowing that there’s really no way that I can help him.


Finals and Free Gifts

We are in the midst of finals week. I had one for Mathematics for Management this morning and I have another tonight for Biology. I don’t really like that our Biology final is at 8 p.m. I guess I’m not a typical college student in respect that I don’t think 8 p.m. is early. That’s kinda getting late for me to be out running around on campus. I just wish it had been earlier today so that I could just be done with it. In theory it gives me more time to study for the exam and stuff, but there’s not really much that I can do at this point. Either you know the information or you don’t: cramming can only help so much. On top of that I have an economics final that I still have to read a few things for, but I have until Friday morning at 8 a.m. until I have to be ready for that exam, so I definitely have time for that one. So far this set of finals hasn’t been a complete disaster. I had one online last week and one this morning, then I have the one tonight and another Friday morning. Now given between now and then I will be working all day tomorrow and Thursday, so that will take some time out of when I could be studying, but I have to work too.
My main plan for the rest of today is to make a timed out schedule and go from there. I seem to get more done if I allocate time to my tasks and try to get them accomplished in a timely manner. The only issue is finding the motivation to get them done. Luckily today I don’t think it will take me that long to get around to doing them once John goes to work. Until he does I plan on spending as much time with him as I can since I don’t know how much I will get to see him over the next couple days as I will be at work until after he leaves for work and then I will probably only get to see him for an hour or so once he comes home from work before we go to sleep. I do, however, love that he is at least here when I am sleeping. I don’t really like trying to sleep when he isn’t here. I just feel much safer knowing that he is close by in case anything happens.
I’ve been making an attempt at being a little happier about my life, so far I’m not sure if there are very many outwardly obvious changes but I know that it’s been easier for me emotionally and mentally. I just don’t really feel as hopeless as I have previously. At this point I feel like managing my time has made a large impact on how I feel about everything that happens during my day. I don’t really know how to explain it, but as long as it keeps working for me I think I’m going to stick to that plan.
As far as the items I’ve been trying to sell on eBay they are slowly going. I’m at least happy that I can get some of them out of my closet. For the most part they are just things that either don’t fit me anymore or that John really doesn’t like. I know that I shouldn’t necessarily get rid of something that he dislikes, but considering I’m his fiance if there’s something that he really doesn’t like, what’s the point in me wearing it, when I am supposed to look presentable for him. Exactly, there isn’t a point, therefore the few things I have that he doesn’t like I might as well make money off of. While i was trying to prepare one of my items to ship on Ebay I was redirected to some sort of survey in which you get free stuff. Well, after sifting through all of their survey bullshit, I filled out the shipping information for my free sunglasses which were a promotional offer for a new line of JP, which I got to pick out, all I had to do was pay for the shipping costs. The shipping costs were only a couple dollars and in a few days I got my sunglasses which came with a case, cleaning cloth, and a bottle of cleaning spray. Altogether so far I am ridiculously happy with my new sunglasses. They actually fit my face tight enough that they don’t slide down my face, which is usually an issue that I have when I try to wear sunglasses. It worked out in my favor, however, so I have no complaints whatsoever with this eBay survey. I don’t know whether they were legit or not, but I got the sunglasses, so I’m happy even if by some miracle they were actually only worth a few dollars, they were definitely still worth it.
I also purchased a new ipod recently. Of course considering they make new ones consistently the one that I actually wanted is already considered discontinued. I ordered it anyway of course because that’s what I wanted and I know what I like. I wasn’t about to bother spending the money on something that I didn’t really like just because it was a little bit cheaper or similar. I ended up getting the 5th generation nano. I liked the screen a little more than the 4th generation nano, so I figured that for about $30 more I was better off buying the one that I actually liked for about $139 altogether with shipping and handling and everything else. I was a little surprised when I opened it though. It came with a clear case that I didn’t know I was going to receive, I even went back into the invoice and packing information. Upon double checking everything I’m not sure if they messed up the order that I made and accidentally included it, or if it was intentional. I wasn’t about to contact them and ask since I really like the case, so I’m just going to chalk it up to good karma for once :p