Cappuccino Makes Me Happy

Cappuccino. Cappuccino makes me happy. I want to go get some right now but my cousin is apparently too busy doing laundry to go get some with me. In retrospect she’s supposedly doing laundry but considering she isn’t doing what I want her to that, of course, makes me upset. I’m pretty much being five years old about it, but that’s how things work. I should probably be working on the homework that I have to do but I’m basically taking a small break considering I read three chapters, took three quizzes, did a discussion, and took an entire test. On top of that I also cleaned our entire apartment. I’m really glad that today was a holiday so I don’t have to be at work. At this point I know there is zero chance of my cousin coming to get cappuccino with me. She keeps texting me pretty consistently and it’s border line driving me nuts. I think I might just stop responding and see what happens. For all she knows maybe I fell asleep or something.
I have finally made an appointment to get new glasses. It’s been about four years or so since I’ve actually gone to get them replaced. I’ve noticed that when I don’t have my glasses on my vision seems to be getting increasingly worse over time. Hopefully when I get new ones I will be able to see better. I know it’s been a while but it’s definitely in my best interest to get them replaced. I’m just hoping that it won’t be super expensive to replace them. I have the money, I just don’t like spending a drastic amount of money on something like a pair of glasses. I have considered contacts but the last time I tried they didn’t fit in my eyes right and they would randomly pop out of my eyes if I blinked the wrong way. It was a long time ago, so maybe it’s worth another shot. I would be concerned with my job though considering I am usually around a lot of dust, dirt, and things like that. I also don’t have access to hot water if I would need to try and get them out of my eyes for any reason. Not having hot water would mean I wouldn’t be able to properly clean my hands before I tried to adjust them or anything. But we’ll see what happens once I talk to an actual optometrist about it.
Getting John through the next few weeks is my main goal. His summer classes seem to be putting a lot of stress on him and I want to try and help as best as I can. It just drives me nuts knowing that there’s really no way that I can help him.


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