Update: Work & Such

We have finally got cameras and camera lenses back at work again. This makes me beyond happy, especially since I have been the one who has been working on them. It makes my day a lot less stressful when I know I will be spending a decent portion of my day working with cameras. Back when we used to have a full staff cameras were pretty much the only thing that I really worked on, it was basically the area I specialized in. Now that we are down to there just being a few of us I have had to take on a lot more responsibility wise. Having cameras to focus on and just having to throw in a random item here and there for right now is beyond awesome. I guess I like cameras more because they are time consuming in a way, but they sell well and they are just the type of item I prefer to list on eBay. Listing cameras also brings up the number of items that I list during the day because I can get more cameras listed than I can just random items because I don’t have to take the time to look up each and every individual camera to try and figure out what it is. I can just go off of one of the other ones that I have already done and go from there. All in all, it makes my work day flow much smoother, decreases my stress level, and makes me much happier.

I’ve started keeping track of my calories and what I have been eating again. I have increased dramatically in my weight since I stopped keeping track of things. This item was attempted to be powered on. Realistically, I just can’t deal with the way that I feel. Ever since I stopped keeping track I have been a lot more tired and overall I have felt like complete shit. I wouldn’t say that I am “dieting,” just that I am keeping track of what I am eating. Typically when I keep track I tend to eat less and I tend to eat more things that are at least slightly healthy as opposed to when I don’t keep track and eat like complete shit all the time. I hate the way that I look and I have made attempts in the past but I’ve never really stuck with it, mostly out of lack of time and desire to do so. I just feel drastically unattractive and I need to change something about the way that I do things. I feel even worse about it because I know that John feels bad about his own weight and I can’t really help him to get through his own issues if I myself eat like crap all the time and keep gaining weight. On top of everything the fall semester is finally over and it’s not like I really have anything else to keep me occupied.


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