One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Somehow I managed to hairline fracture my right wrist and when my doctor was performing an exam on me he accidentally fractured it the rest of the way. I’m supposed to have a CAT scan performed, but because of the holiday weekend pretty much everything is closed tomorrow and they’re going to make me wait until next week. Most of the waiting is just so they can make sure that my insurance will cover the CAT scan cost. Realistically, all I know is that they gave me pain killers that currently aren’t even working. I’m hoping they can do something quickly so that I can get back to work.

In a way this is really bad timing since I really need to work and I have schoolwork at the same time. Whatever happens though it could have always been a lot worse. On top of all that I have a consultation this coming week because I need to have all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. We also finally received the appraisal back on the house and we are actually going to have it redone because it came in about $11,500 less than the offer we placed, and everyone who we’ve asked about it agreed that the appraisal was done incorrectly. I’d rather pay another $455 than trying to come up with the extra $11,500 that would be expected if we accepted the first appraisal.

Aside from all that things have been good. The marketing class is really paying off in the way of grades. It’s not exactly easy but it’s a manageable level of work. I spent my weekend at my aunt and uncle’s because they were having their 10th anniversary party and they needed a lot of help. They ended up needing a bar tender since their bartender got sick right before the party. Other than that things have been the same John and I have just been working and we rarely get to see each other because our schedules conflict. At least the weather and things have been pretty nice the past couple weeks.


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