Chaos, Hectic Chaos

The second appraisal came back at the exact dollar amount that we ha offered. Which isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I’ll definitely take it. It makes me happy to know that we are one step closer to being able to buy the house. I’m really hoping that things work out because although this house is slightly small it’s something that I really like and there’s still enough room that we would be able to add on or at least remodel a little without worrying about space issues too much. On top of that the neighborhood appears to be pretty quiet, which I will value unbelievably.

I get all four of my wisdom teeth removed this coming Tuesday and I’m basically petrified of what it’s going to feel like after. I will be under anesthesia during the surgery, but eventually the medication will wear off. I’m hoping that John will be able to help me pick up my prescription before he leaves for work so that I’m not miserable. He has to work on Tuesday night and I’m concerned that I’m going to need help from him and he won’t be there. I’ve never had any form of dental surgery before, so I’m sure I’m overreacting, but still. I’m just beyond grateful that he’ll be able to take me there and drive me home after. I feel bad that he might not be able to eat lunch at Ponderosa, but at least he got to when we had to go for the surgery consultation.

Aside from that I have exactly seven days until I’m done with my second summer class and I cannot wait until everything is finished up. I want to have the extra time to be able to pack and get things around before we go back to school again. I already started buying a few of the supplies that I’m going to need when we go back, especially since I’ve been off work here and there with my wrist since they have found that there is some form of bone lesion that caused the fracture. I don’t even know where to start with that considering the first specialist I was sent to said he didn’t see the fracture or lesion and the only reason he didn’t cast my wrist was because it’s summer and I can’t effectively wash my wrist if it’s casted. On top of being inconsistent he managed to leave my exam three different times to go deal with other patients, and then when his nurse came in to put a different brace on my wrist she had to go through three different boxes until she found a right handed brace, because almost all of their braces were in the wrong boxes… Needless to say my actual doctor instantly referred me to another specialist, but I can’t see him until the 27th. In the mean time I’m on some random steroids, God only knows what they’re supposed to be for.


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