Sweet Potatoes Apparently Aren’t So Sweet Anymore…

Up until recently I’ve never had any problems whatsoever with eating sweet potatoes. It didn’t even matter how the potatoes were prepared, it was always fine. Well, while I was in New Jersey at the Unit Management Conference and I had the turkey burger and sweet potato fries from the sports bar at the hotel I ended up having some pretty bad stomach pain not long after eating. Then last night for dinner I made John regular baked potatoes and I prepared some baked sweet potatoes for myself. I didn’t even finish eating or make it up from the table before the pain kicked in. This was some of the most excruciating pain that I’ve had in a long time. Which led me to question why it started to happen. I’m really upset to know that it came from the sweet potatoes. I LOVE eating sweet potatoes and I always have, so knowing that I can’t have them makes me borderline devastated. Sometimes there are foods that I know might upset my stomach that I occasionally chance eating because I know that even if they do make me sick that it’ll be manageable, but that’s not the case with the sweet potatoes at all. They are now officially on the list of foods that I cannot eat AT ALL. That rarely happens, and I’m so sad to see it happen to something that I really love.

I hate that with the gastroesophageal reflux my stomach seems to be changing over time. Things that I used to be able to eat with no problem are slowly making their way onto my ‘caution’ list and in that same regard some things are jumping straight to my ‘never able to eat’ list. I am just so frustrated with the way that I feel all the time. I wish there was some way that I could just not have to eat anymore. Most days I really  consider switching to a mostly liquid diet, but I love eating and I love food. I am slowly just starting to be plagued by the constant wonder about whether my eating real food is even worth it for me anymore.


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