Crash & Burn….Hard

I’ve had my laptop since about 2010 and over the past couple months I’ve been considering upgrading it. Well, I was almost forced to upgrade whether I want to or not. The other night Crestani spent the night and I was talking to him as I went to get up from the chair I was sitting in and managed to launch my laptop full force onto the floor. Needless to say it hit pretty hard. I remember making a comment about how I probably broke it, but didn’t really think anything of it. The next day while the guys were playing xbox I cleaned up a little bit around the house and then sat down to work on some of my homework. My laptop wouldn’t let me get past the boot screen without going black on me. So I tried to enter it in safe mode, which failed. I tried to reformat the hard drive and save my files, but all of my files were corrupted so I just wiped the hard drive and started over. I spent the next couple days after this trying to get my hands on a copy of Microsoft Office, which I ended up getting from my parents and trying to figure out which website I had purchased my textbook answers from.

At this point I’m just starting to get so burnt out that I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the pile of things on my current to-do list. I know in the long run it’s going to be worth the effort, but my body is currently taking some hard-core abuse and I’m doing it myself. However, I do think it is interesting to see just how far one can push the human body before it starts to rebel. On top of everything else that has been going on I received a $0.50 raise at work, which is definitely helping me out, and I have renewed permission to use keys and get whatever hours will work with my schedule. This is making it so that there is no reason for me not to get 40 hours a week, so I have been. It’s a lot to take on, but I guess I put myself into this situation, so all in all it’s my problem to deal with.


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