Failing at my Life

At this point I’m petrified that I’m going to fail a couple of my classes. One of my professors has yet to grade any of our tests, so that leaves me to wonder how well I’m actually doing in that class. Then there’s another class that I know that I’m doing poorly in, but that I just don’t understand. Even sitting through the classes or talking to the professor about it just translates to gibberish when I try to process the information. Even reading through the textbook for that class doesn’t get me very far overall. It has me so frustrated at this point that I don’t even like to think about the class although I know that I really should get my head out of my ass and get my life together. It might be a little easier, but my car is broken…AGAIN! In theory this also might just be yet another excuse that I’m using to avoid my responsibilities.

It’s such a catch twenty-two situation with me that I know I procrastinate, but I keep letting myself do it anyway. I know that I have too much on my plate, but I don’t do seem to be doing anything to make it any more simplistic. I just avoid the things I need to do, which in reality doesn’t help anyone.
We’ve been getting miscellaneous phone calls for a Sarah Miller over the past few weeks and just now tonight we received another call for a Melissa Miller. At this rate I’m just curious as to who they were. It makes me wonder if they were related, maybe sister or mother/daughter. Things like this are oddly intriguing to me and generally appeal to my wonderment of those around me. Some of the calls come from general numbers and others pop up as “unknown caller” which I think is even more interesting. One of the “unknown” numbers has called for both Melissa and Sarah at this point. Maybe it’s coincidence altogether, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe we’ll never know…

Crestani spent the night last night as well. He might bother me sometimes, but in small doses he really doesn’t drive me all that nuts. I mean he’s always an arrogant ass, but I’m growing fonder of him as time goes on. I’m not sure if fond is the right word, but it fits I guess. I’d care if he ended up dead, but he poses no threat to my relationship with John, if that clarifies the fondness I mean. We talk to each other here and there. Typically every couple days at this point we exchange a few snap chats, but that’s about all. I’m pretty happy with the place that we’ve fallen into together. Whether he likes me or not, and whether I like him or not, I’m glad that we can be civil and share for John’s sake. I mean I get a few perks by being “friends” with Crestani as well, but overall I’m just glad that John has someone even resembling a friend that he can confide in. Anymore I guess that I’m glad it gives me someone who I can talk to if I’m bored as well. It’s not like I really have many other friends, especially ones that I would want to know much about me. I don’t like opening up to others and I know that when it comes down to it guys usually share miscellaneous information with their friends, so John would probably tell him some of the stuff anyway. There hasn’t really been anything specific that I’ve talked to him about, but knowing it’s an option is always nice I guess.