On the Brink of the Spring Semester

The spring semester for college starts in about two and a half hours. I’ve yet to figure out exactly how I feel about it yet. A couple of my books, that I ordered from Amazon, have been delayed because of the weather. There still hasn’t been an update about when they will be delivered. I’m just hoping that they get here before I have any assignments due. Today I went with Emily when she picked up her books and I saw one of the books that I was supposed to get for my auditing class, and it looks a lot different from the book that actually came. Luckily, my favorite professor is teaching that class, so I’m hoping that it won’t be a huge deal that it might not be exactly what I need. Aside from the textbooks, I’m just hoping that the semester goes smoothly and that I can still have time to make my work schedule and things function together properly.

Since I got home earlier I have been working on cleaning up, doing some more dishes, and trying to get things organized before classes start. I’m excited to have John come back home from work. I hope, however, that he can make it back here safely since the weather isn’t the greatest. I might try to sleep a little before he comes home so that I can stay up with him once he gets home. I try to, but sometimes I’m just so tired I have trouble staying awake by the time that he gets off work and finally gets home. I wish that I could spend more time with him when I’m actually awake, but our schedules just don’t really allow for that unfortunately. In one aspect I feel as if we are drifting apart, but at the same time I love him more than anything and I value having him as my life partner. I love that he’s there to share my daily events with and my future plans. I occasionally think about how much I’d like to have a child with him, but it’s just never the right time. I know that we need to wait and having the “perfect” timing on our child feels like the only real way to even slightly make up for having an abortion previously. It’s one of those things that gets to me when I think about it because I know there’s truly no way to make up for it, but I feel that I have to try. I can’t change what has already been done. The only thing that we can do is change what happens from here on out.

Well…now I’ve managed to upset myself and I need to sleep a little before John gets home. So until next time, good luck with your own lives!