Weekend Productivity

Friday I got up and ran off to work pretty directly once I woke up. Work was pretty bland and nothing too interesting actually happened while I was there. After work I came straight home and started cleaning up a little because Uncle Lynn was coming by to finish up working on the fridge. Since we got the fridge we hadn’t been able to make the water or ice maker work. Luckily, all we ended up needing was a different filter and there was an extra black ring inside that needed to be removed. Even just the past few days have been so much better having a way to effectively make ice. I’ve definitely drank more water over the past couple days. I did a little bit of cleaning up after that and then spent the rest of my night watching Netflix.

Saturday I woke up, cleaned some more, and had to run off to the bank. On my way back from the bank I passed my parents house and realized that my mom had my little sister with her so I stopped in. I started getting tired while I was there so I decided to come home and try to sleep for a little. The last thing that I planned on doing was take a four hour nap, but that’s exactly what happened. About the time I got up I had to get my stuff around and head to my parents because they invited me over for dinner. I didn’t realize that my sister would still be there for dinner, but I’m kind of glad that she was. After dinner I came home to shower and get ready to go watch the fireworks down town with my cousin Emily and her boyfriend Casey. After the fireworks were over we made a trip to Denny’s. It was pretty nonchalant, but I was definitely third-wheeling pretty hard. It seemed a little weird since John wasn’t there. By the time I got home it was almost midnight. Sleeping was a definite problem though. I actually didn’t end up falling asleep until this morning.

I started cleaning up the dining room while I couldn’t sleep. I finally slept for a little and then got back up to clean some more. For once I finally managed to clean the dining room. It’s been something that has been on my to-do list for longer than I’d like to admit, but it’s finally done. After cleaning I went to my parents again for dinner. Once we finished eating my mom came with me to buy groceries. At this point I’m just hanging out, watching Netflix, and waiting for John to get home. I actually think that I’m going to give up once this episode is over and nap until John comes home.

On the bright side I’m starting to get over this cold. There were only a few different times today that I went into a fit of coughing. Overall today was pretty good, I just wish I could sleep better.


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