Hornets are Dicks

I was working on making dinner earlier tonight and part of that involved moving my textbooks and things off of the dining room table. While attempting to gather my things into a box I was stung under the arm by what I think might have been a hornet. John then came home and I finished up the last few miscellaneous things that I needed to do to get dinner together. We finished eating and he went to go get a shower. I talked to him for a few minutes and then grabbed my bag since I planned on heading to the living room. As I was walking back through the dining room I was stung, again, by what I believe to be the same hornet that had stung me earlier. By this time John had finished up getting a shower and had come to kill the bee for me. The little bastard managed to sting me in both arms, in inconvenient places. On the bright side, apparently I’m not allergic to hornets.


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