Calm Before the Storm

This weekend has been one to remember. Neither John, nor I had much of anything going on yesterday so we bailed on any perspective plans and spent the day together. Once he woke up we decided to get lunch in State College at CC Peppers for cheese steaks. Afterwards we went to a movie and saw the next installment in the Bourne series, Jason Bourne. It was interesting to say the least. I think the prices are starting to get kinda ridiculous when it comes to their concession options though. I think for popcorn and a drink it was over $10. The actual movie price was only like $8 a ticket which didn’t seem too high. Either way I had a nice time, and I’m hoping he did also. Once we got back home we did some miscellaneous grocery shopping and then grabbed a quick pizza for dinner. Then once we got around to getting food today we went to The Old Corner and hung out for a couple hours. Since then I had to go to work, and John will be going in shortly as well. Once I finish working I think I am going to go home, take a quick nap, and then see about cleaning up a little bit until I have to give my moms car back later tonight.

I wish that every weekend could be like this, but unfortunately I go back to school soon and I’m sure things are going to get hectic.