Operation Graduation: T-minus 35 days

Last night I was hoping to spend a nice night out with John, but things didn’t go as planned whatsoever. I was cranky from the time that I got home last night from work, which just made it worse. We just argued, or didn’t talk, for a majority of the trip to Williamsport and back. I wish there was some way that we could teleport back and have a redo, but that just isn’t the way things work. It doesn’t help that I’ve been so tired lately that I don’t even know what to do. I legitimately feel as if I’m functioning on autopilot. Everything I’ve been doing for the past week I can register in my brain that I’m completing the task, but I’m not retaining a damn thing at this point. If it weren’t for my continual to-do list I wouldn’t even know what day it is half the time.

Even today, I was scheduled to cover a shift for Miriam from 12-5 at Mill Hall. So, I’m sitting here. We didn’t have any appointments in the system and so far there haven’t been any walk-in clients either. This has been working out in my favor in one aspect. There was enough time for me to update my resume to add in all of the Jackson Hewitt information that I hadn’t bothered to add in. On top of that I was able to take a quiz that opened up today for my marketing class and take care of this coming week’s discussion post. I have another assignment that I’m going to jump into once I finish this post.

I needed to add in the resume information since I have a job interview with a marketing company tomorrow morning in State College. I don’t really know much about the company, but I’m hoping that it goes well. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m just going to wing it at this point. When I submitted the application I didn’t actually think they were going to call me back, let alone ask me to come in for an interview. I put in the application on Thursday, they called me Friday, and set up the interview for Monday, so it’s been fast-paced so far.


Operation Graduation: T-Minus 38 Days

Things seem to be blurring together at this point. Everything is so busy and there are still 12 more days until the end of the tax season. I’m ready for it to be over, but I don’t really want to go back to my regular job either. Things are getting increasingly stressful there since no one wants to work. I mean in the grand scheme of things we’re all just going to lose our jobs in the end when my boss decides to retire, so I can see where the frustration is coming from. The guys are both having health complications, Britt’s still off on maternity leave, Jake never comes in, and I’ve been off because of this godforsaken internship so none of the employees are showing up regularly, which is just making things so much worse. Everyone is getting on each other’s nerves and I really want to find another job.

I realized earlier today that to take the CPA exam I would have to put in another semester…which I’m not even sure if I can do right now because I never renewed my FAFSA. I didn’t think that I was going to need it and the whole thing is a giant disaster. At this point I just want to finish up with what I’ve got going on today at the office and go home. I need to calm down, stop worrying about it, and get some things done for school. It doesn’t help that today has been one of those cold, rainy days and it’s just making me increasingly tense. I think I’m definitely going to be going home and drinking for a little while.

I’m so sleep deprived, I’m honestly surprised that I can even see straight half the time. Things with John seem like they’re getting a little better at least, but I haven’t been doing jack shit around the house lately because I’ve primarily been eating, doing homework, or in the shower before I run right back out the door to go to work. Doesn’t help that on top of all that Howard found a bunch of boxes and whatnot that belonged to my mom so I had to sift through them to pull out what all was my stuff.