Everything is a whirlwind of disastrous events. One thing after another. My grandmother had fallen ill a few weeks back and ever since hasn’t been doing well. I’m assuming she’ll be alright, but it’ll take a little while for her to bounce back.  Dealing with all of that is stressful, and then there was additional news about my great-grandmother. She has transitioned into total kidney failure and has decided that she doesn’t want to endure the inconvenience of dialysis. She plans to spend her final days at home. They’ve set up to have a hospice nurse check in on her every few days and give her whatever they can to keep her comfortable until she passes. She’s almost 90 so at this point, it is what it is.

John is John. Things are the same on the homefront for the most part.

In regard to work, there are so many miscellaneous things that I have to get taken care of. Somehow months of check scans got deleted from the server. Thank God I still have access to the scans in my e-mails. I just have to sift through months of e-mails and pull them all out one by one so that I can resave them to the server. On top of all that Mike just gave me another project. This one I technically don’t have to begin until 2018, but I feel like he expects me to start it well before then. I started it in one aspect. I’m just hoping that I can pull it off and make it as perfect as it should be. I wish there was some way that I could pull a full list of our suppliers from Epicor. It would make the entire process much smoother, but unfortunately I don’t think that list exists. It would make several things that I’m working on much easier. I’ve started to compile A/R & A/P contact lists for both companies that’ll be really helpful for me.