Unit Management Conference!

I left Friday afternoon to attend a Unit Management Conference for Young Marines. It was about a four hour drive from home to the East Brunswick Hilton in New Jersey. The weather both down and back was terrible. It also continued to pour the entire time we were at the hotel. However, the rain was the bearable part of the weather. The wind was so strong because of an impending hurricane that was starting to hit the area pretty hard. I was a little concerned about getting there because I wasn’t driving and the person who drove, our unit adjutant/commander’s wife, is a terrible driver. This was magnified by the weather and that she wasn’t the greatest with following the directions that she was being given. Needless to say, I’m grateful that I didn’t have to pay to drive down by myself, but I was pretty terrified for most of our car portion of the trip.

The hotel was actually really nice, a lot nicer than I expected. As soon as we got there we checked into our rooms and went to the sports bar to get dinner. I ordered a plain turkey burger and sweet potato fries. This was apparently too complicated to make and they ended up giving me regular fries, sweet potato fries, and a turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion. I didn’t bother complaining since I wasn’t paying for dinner anyway. After dinner I hung out for a while and watched the rest of the game that was on and then finally went back to my room, got a shower, and talked to my roommate for the night, Chris.

After that I went to sleep and got back up the next morning. Our group ended up going to the wrong place within the hotel for breakfast because we weren’t given any sort of schedule or any decent directions before going on the trip. Either way, breakfast was decent and then we went to the conference room, I got some free coffee, and then started in with the meeting. I had the opportunity to meet the new, as of January 2016, CEO of the organization, who is a big deal to say the least. He’s a retired Colonel from the US Marines, currently 50, and basically the epitome of a DILF. I’m definitely looking forward to working with him during his rein as CEO. I was a little concerned about the direction that he might take the organization when I first heard about him taking over, but now that I’ve met him and gotten to know him I’m not concerned at all.

Lunch was pretty good and then on the way home we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was a freezing inside and I didn’t have a way to effectively get to my jacket that was in the car so I wandered around until I found one that I liked and just bought one before dinner. I probably overpaid but taking supply and demand into consideration, it was definitely worth it. I plan to basically live in it this fall/winter to make up for paying so much, haha. Once I got home I worked my way through some Project Alert training for Young Marines that I probably won’t ever use, but it didn’t hurt me to have it either. They then emailed the certification to me so that I could print it about 24 hours after completion.
Then yesterday John and I went to my aunts for my other aunt/uncle’s going away party. They have decided to move to Florida. I’m glad their moving if it makes them happy, but I wish they were being smarter about it. They purchased a house down there, but neither of them will have jobs when they get down there. The situation just makes me uncomfortable from a financial stand point.