Operation Graduation: T-minus 35 days

Last night I was hoping to spend a nice night out with John, but things didn’t go as planned whatsoever. I was cranky from the time that I got home last night from work, which just made it worse. We just argued, or didn’t talk, for a majority of the trip to Williamsport and back. I wish there was some way that we could teleport back and have a redo, but that just isn’t the way things work. It doesn’t help that I’ve been so tired lately that I don’t even know what to do. I legitimately feel as if I’m functioning on autopilot. Everything I’ve been doing for the past week I can register in my brain that I’m completing the task, but I’m not retaining a damn thing at this point. If it weren’t for my continual to-do list I wouldn’t even know what day it is half the time.

Even today, I was scheduled to cover a shift for Miriam from 12-5 at Mill Hall. So, I’m sitting here. We didn’t have any appointments in the system and so far there haven’t been any walk-in clients either. This has been working out in my favor in one aspect. There was enough time for me to update my resume to add in all of the Jackson Hewitt information that I hadn’t bothered to add in. On top of that I was able to take a quiz that opened up today for my marketing class and take care of this coming week’s discussion post. I have another assignment that I’m going to jump into once I finish this post.

I needed to add in the resume information since I have a job interview with a marketing company tomorrow morning in State College. I don’t really know much about the company, but I’m hoping that it goes well. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m just going to wing it at this point. When I submitted the application I didn’t actually think they were going to call me back, let alone ask me to come in for an interview. I put in the application on Thursday, they called me Friday, and set up the interview for Monday, so it’s been fast-paced so far.

Operation Graduation: T-Minus 38 Days

Things seem to be blurring together at this point. Everything is so busy and there are still 12 more days until the end of the tax season. I’m ready for it to be over, but I don’t really want to go back to my regular job either. Things are getting increasingly stressful there since no one wants to work. I mean in the grand scheme of things we’re all just going to lose our jobs in the end when my boss decides to retire, so I can see where the frustration is coming from. The guys are both having health complications, Britt’s still off on maternity leave, Jake never comes in, and I’ve been off because of this godforsaken internship so none of the employees are showing up regularly, which is just making things so much worse. Everyone is getting on each other’s nerves and I really want to find another job.

I realized earlier today that to take the CPA exam I would have to put in another semester…which I’m not even sure if I can do right now because I never renewed my FAFSA. I didn’t think that I was going to need it and the whole thing is a giant disaster. At this point I just want to finish up with what I’ve got going on today at the office and go home. I need to calm down, stop worrying about it, and get some things done for school. It doesn’t help that today has been one of those cold, rainy days and it’s just making me increasingly tense. I think I’m definitely going to be going home and drinking for a little while.

I’m so sleep deprived, I’m honestly surprised that I can even see straight half the time. Things with John seem like they’re getting a little better at least, but I haven’t been doing jack shit around the house lately because I’ve primarily been eating, doing homework, or in the shower before I run right back out the door to go to work. Doesn’t help that on top of all that Howard found a bunch of boxes and whatnot that belonged to my mom so I had to sift through them to pull out what all was my stuff.

Operation Graduation: T-Minus 50 Days

John came back home after work and we were up for a little while watching Netflix, but then he decided to shower and we went to sleep. I had trouble getting out of bed this morning, even though we went to sleep relatively early. Maybe I slept too long, who really knows with me anymore. I planned on getting a shower when I got up this morning, but with getting up late I actually didn’t have time so I just redid my makeup and ran out the door.

When I got to the office I made some coffee and took care of the normal opening activities. After that I started in on some home work until John came down for lunch. He was here for a little while and finally adjusted the office heat for me. After he left I went back to working on homework. Luckily I managed to get a couple things finished up and I can move on to the next thing on my list later tonight when I get home.

At this point I’ve got about an hour left to my shift, so I’m attempting to tie up some loose ends of the day and get things ready to close the office. There was someone who was supposed to come pick up a copy of their 2015 return today, but they never actually came in. I have an entire book that I need to read by the end of the week and I feel like it’s going to be insanely boring. Between that and the two or three group projects that I’m in the process of things are going to get interesting as I try to meet my deadlines. I took a look at my group Google Doc’s earlier today and so far no one has actually done anything. I mean I can’t really say anything since I haven’t gotten anywhere either… Things are just so hectic that I haven’t had time and I was hoping that someone else would have had the time to pick up a little of my slack, but apparently that was assuming too much.

Operation Graduation: T-Minus 51 Days

Sunday I finally got my aunts taxes finished up. Then I started in on another tax return. I got as far as I could with it before I needed more information. There was a health care statement that was missing. Little did I know I actually ended up having to file an amended return and get everything straightened out afterwards. I met John for dinner at Denny’s when he was allowed to go on break. I was glad that he had the time to see me, since I ended up falling asleep pretty directly after I got home. I got back up when he finally made it home and watched some Netflix with him before he was ready to go to bed. He’s been sick so I’ve been sleeping downstairs trying not to catch it for once. Hopefully sleeping in a separate space from him will help. John finally gave me an updated copy of his WWII schedule for this year and I’m hoping that I can actually get the chance to see him here and there during the summer. I know he’s going to be busy, but I’m hoping that for once I might not be that busy. I’m way too afraid to let myself think that I might actually have time to see him for once.

Monday I worked at the Lock Haven office for Jackson Hewitt from 10-7, so I didn’t have time to get much of anything else done. I got a little homework done, but no where near enough to even make a minor dent in what has been piling up.

Yesterday I got a few things taken care of. I gave John the final copy of his taxes to send it for the amendment. Then I had to receive a delivery of sandwiches for a Young Marine fundraiser. I found a return at the office yesterday morning that also caught me off guard a little bit. It had a check that was ready for pickup and no one had called the client in a literal month. At least if they did it hadn’t been properly logged on the folder. So I called him as soon as I could and the voice mail hadn’t been set up yet. I plan to try calling again in a day or so.

Today was terrible. Legitimately. I’ve been half crying or literally crying a majority of the day. I’ve been venting at John, trying not to fight with him, but things are getting increasingly more difficult the higher my stress level gets. I wish there was some way that we could just turn things back a few years before every part of our lives got so fucked. I would kill for him, but lately things are just different and I miss how things used to be. I know that there’s no way to undo the damage that I’ve caused or anything that he’s done, but I need things to change in some way…

Operation Graduation: T-Minus 57 Days

First off: This internship with Jackson Hewitt is killing me slowly. It’s been far more time consuming than I EVER expected. It has been one thing after another with working there. We had one intern jump ship shortly after he fulfilled his requirements. Then my manager got a new job so she’s basically gone also. Which leaves me and three other employees to cover two offices. Both of which are open upwards of 40 hours each week and we’re about a month from the end of the tax season so things are about to pick up speed again. The way it stands right now we have two regular employees and two interns left. The other intern and I are still in school, as well one of the regular employees. So that makes it difficult to trade shifts if anything comes up since we’re all tied up with our class schedules.

One of the issues that we’ve run into right at the moment is actually for this coming Monday. No one was on the schedule to cover for me while I was supposed to be in school. Mike, an employee is being borrowed that day by our Williamsport office, so he can’t cover. Meghann, the other employee is scheduled to cover for Mike at the Mill Hall office, so she can’t cover. Then Chris, the other intern, wasn’t on the schedule so he scheduled a job interview after his morning classes are over and he can’t cover. That leaves me, which I could technically skip class as long as I give the professor a heads up about it, but it’s just the principle behind  being shorthanded that is irritating. However, the way I look at it work schedules, job interviews, and that sort of thing are vastly more important than the 50 minutes that I would be sitting in class. This being for a class that is basically pointless to attend half the time anyway. So, needless to say, I’m not that upset about skipping it. Especially if I can make an extra $18 instead.

I’ve got a pile of school work that needs to be attended to, but we’re still on break until Monday and unless I feel like working on it, I’m probably not going to go out of my way to get anything done over the next couple days. Tonight I’m headed to a gun raffle dinner event in South Renovo and tomorrow I blocked out most of the day to work on a tax return for my Aunt’s dad. Then I plan on taking it remotely easy since it’s the last day before chaos resumes.

At this point graduation feels like it’s right at my fingertips, yet it feels like it’s just out of reach. I have a lot of obstacles to overcome in the next two months and in a way I feel like every other part of my life is being put on a back burner. Unfortunately, that’s the last place certain aspects of my life should be at the moment. I’m hoping that I can avoid burning too many bridges over the next couple months, but it currently feels like I’m carrying an upside down can of gasoline with every step I take. Things don’t look optimistic at the moment…Hoping and praying can only get one so far. The rest has to come from within and I don’t know if I have it in me anymore. I’m vastly discontented and I don’t know how to fix it. John’s been trying to make me happy, but I’ve just been miserable for far too long that I don’t know how to get back to where I was. I’ve noticed that I keep saying well after this or that it’ll get better, but it never does. We’re definitely in a one step forward, three steps back cycle, and it’s entirely my fault…














Danger on the Horizon

First off, classes start tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Thank God, I don’t have class until after noon, but still. My work schedule is funky as hell on the days that I have class this semester. For the foreseeable future I’m going to be scheduled open-1 and then 3-close, just long enough for me to go to campus for my class. No sooner do I finish class I have to run back to work to start my afternoon shift. I’m hoping that I can manage to get at least some of my homework done at first while I’m working. At least until I can get some form of a routine down. I’m tired as it is the way I’ve been working. I’m really hoping that adding classes into the mix doesn’t completely overwhelm me.

My mom is also coming to town tomorrow. So we’ll see how that goes…

January is flying by…

The hours that I have been putting in between my internship at Jackson Hewitt and the hours that I’ve been getting at my regular job are slowly starting to take their toll. I’ve been trying to make sure that I get enough sleep, because at this point I feel like I’m in a perpetual state of groggy. I started getting a touch of a cough back over the last few days. Luckily, I still had that inhaler from when I had bronchitis; so I’ve been trying to remember to take periodic hits off every four hours or so just to try and get ahead of any cold that I might be getting. The last thing I want is to be sick for the first day of classes. I’m pretty sure that this week is my last week of “freedom” before the spring semester starts back up. I wouldn’t say that I really have much free time to do anything fun before the semester starts, but I’m going to try to squeeze something into my schedule.

As bad as it sounds, I’ve had to basically put John on a back burner for the moment. I’ve had to put a major focus on the Jackson Hewitt internship. I have to log at least 120 hours in the span of 15 weeks. The internship eliminates one of my classes at least, so it does help in that regard. However, it does cut into some of the time that I typically spend at my actual job. Thus far my actual job has been really understanding about the whole thing, but I feel bad because I know they need me there to do my job too. I feel like I’ve spread myself a little too thin in the way of the commitments that I have right now, but it’s too late to back out of any of my current responsibilities. I just don’t want John to get upset and feel like I’m neglecting him, because the way I see it I definitely am neglecting him, but I don’t know what else to do. At the same time though, he’s 22 and if he can’t manage to take care of himself until I graduate in May, we’ve got more problems than just my neglect.

John and I had one of our ¾ of the night long discussions the other night as well. I was honest with him about how I thought I had gotten over Matt, but apparently I haven’t. He proceeded to give me an ultimatum about how if I don’t manage to get over it in the next 10-15 years that it was going to be a problem. He didn’t specify whether he would leave or what, but it’s been bothering me. Why would I want to put 10-15 years into a relationship, if he’s just going to leave me anyway? It would be monumentally devastating if he left, but I understand where he’s coming from. Why should he put the time and effort in to a relationship with me if he think he has to worry about me running off with Matt some day. It’s a catch twenty-two situation though, because although I am interested in Matt, I don’t know that I would want an actual relationship with him, but I don’t know that I wouldn’t want one either. There’s no way to know and the not knowing is what drives me crazy. At the same time I can’t imagine coming home and not having John there. John is literally my best friend, and we definitely get each other. We have so much fun together and I don’t know what I’d do without him.


Operation Finish 2k16: Installment 4

As 2016 comes to a close I can honestly say that I’m more than ready for it to be over. I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions or anything of that nature, but I do think the concept is intriguing. However, anyone who sets goals just at the beginning of a year is just plain crazy in my book. I don’t know how people can go through life and not continuously reevaluate and adapt their goals whenever they see fit. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, etc… once a year just isn’t enough in my opinion.

This is one of the first times that I haven’t had any solid New Year’s Eve plans. No one offered and I didn’t think of any specific person that I would want to do anything with. There’s always John, but I actually don’t know if he has plans of his own. He had been tossing around the idea of going to hang out with Crestani, but I haven’t heard any updates on that in a couple days.

At the moment I’m just in a weird mood. I haven’t figured out if I’m just stressed out or what the deal is. Seems to be that nothing that I try to do has been effectively making me happy the way that it should. Food isn’t as satisfying, I’m consistently distracted, and I don’t know what I want to do after graduation…which is coming quicker than I’m prepared for. Don’t get me wrong I want to be done with college, but I have no clue what I want to do after I finish. It’s not like I even have that many hobbies to keep me occupied. One of the things that I’m concerned about is that I’m not going to be able to find something that I like to do and it would result in me becoming increasingly clingy towards John. We live together and everything, but I try to give him some space at the same time.

Needless to say I’m just hoping that 2017 might be a little better than the last few years. I have a sliver of hope that it will be, but it isn’t exactly starting off that great…

Operation Finish 2k16: Installment 3

My internship training started off being a little discouraging. There is just a lot of work that needs to be done. Today we all took the mid-term styled exam for the first half of the book. I managed to get a score high enough to pass for the exam. I just want the training to be over at this point. I don’t think that I’ll mind the job part of it that much. Going through the training on my own, as opposed to in a group, would be much more beneficial to the way that I learn. I guess it wouldn’t be as bad, but I have trouble following along the way that Miriam, my boss, is going over the information. She seems to be glossing over certain sections that we end up needing more detailed information from those sections and then we have to go double back and recap. I would be much better off if I could just take the extra time and read through the entire chapter.

Aside from that I have at least been getting along with my fellow interns fairly well. It was a little weird at first, but I think we’ve broken through most of the initial awkwardness. Them finding a local dead body upstairs definitely managed to bring us together as a group. Having that day in common gave us something to unite us together, even if it did come at the expense of some random woman. I mean what are the odds that she was found a few days after we started our internship considering she had been dead for, they believe, about a year and a half.

Still hasn’t been any progress with our pipes from what I can tell either. I know that John had some plans, but the holiday and the weather have been throwing a bit of a wrench into things. I just wish there was a way that I could magically fix all our plumbing issues and take some of the stress off of his current situation. I feel terrible, but I know that if I push him too hard he’s just going to implode. At the same time however, I can DYING to be able to shower in my own bathroom again. Hell, it’s been at least two months…and I can definitely say it’s starting to become increasingly frustrating by the day. I’m starting to get upset with John over it, although I know there isn’t much he can do at the moment, which is making me feel even worse about it…


Operation Finish 2k16: Installment 2

Today was a little less productive than I would have liked, but I still managed to get a few things done overall. Some of this was due to my lack of ability to sleep last night. I had slept for a couple hours before John got home from work, but then I had a lot of trouble trying to get back to sleep once he decided he was ready for bed. Then, I actually woke up before my alarm even went off. Given my restlessness, I just got up and got ready to go to my neurology appointment.

By the time I was done getting ready I realized I had a little bit of time to spare before my step-dad was supposed to be here to pick me up. I took advantage of the time and updated my to-do list for the day. From there I started working on the Christmas cards that definitely should have been sent out already. However, I’m giving this year a “better late than never” when it comes to a lot of things in my life.

The neurologist that I was referred to by the people who did my lingual nerve repair surgery doesn’t seem to be helping all that much. The last time that I was there, before today, she told me she wanted to wait a year and see if anything changed. Well, when I got there today that’s exactly what she told me again. She didn’t bother to do a damn thing about the entire left side of my face, neck, and part of my shoulder being numb… but yeah, let’s wait another year and see if anything else happens. Last time I was there they told me that if there was going to be any nerve regeneration it would happen within a year of surgery date… As of right now, the year mark was actually three days ago… So I’m not very hopeful at this point. I would definitely have to say that I’m getting used to it being numb. There are days where I barely notice it anymore, but if I think about it or if someone asks I can instantly tell that it still feels exactly the same. I have also noticed it if John touches my face or shoulder. I can tell that he’s doing it, but it just doesn’t feel the same as if he touches my right side. I’ve pretty much accepted that the left half of my face is just going to be numb at this point. If a doctor wants to try something I’m all for it, but no one even seems to know what to try at this point. Even the neurologist that I have been seeing has had to ask for assistance from another neurologist because she wasn’t even sure what could have happened. From what I can understand my MRI results were fine, my blood test results were fine, and my nerve looked fine when they went back in to see if it was damaged. Given all of that, I shouldn’t be numb according to them, yet there it is…

After going to the neurologist my step-dad and I stopped at Home Depot. This was the first that I have ever been inside one. Whether it’s just this location or if it’s all of them, the organization inside this store was so terrible that it actually hurt my head a little. The entire store is such a cluster-fuck, pardon the language, that I have no idea how anyone can find anything they’re looking for. They had make-shift isles that were about 10-15 feet long and had one way in, but not enough room to turn a cart around, and didnt’ have an exit area. So to get in you either had to leave your cart in their already narrow isles, or push it in and walk backwards to get back out. I didn’t see anyone attempt backing out while I was there, they just seemed to leave their carts haphazardly in the isles, in the way. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely chunky, but I’m not that bad. There’s no way that I could have even passed one of their carts in the main isle with the way they had all of their Christmas display areas set up. We spent about a half hour looking for some cordless planer that you couldn’t even buy in the actual store. They were only available online and were even out of stock there. I set it up for them to send an email whenever the item does get back in stock, but I have never tried using their system before so I don’t have any idea how long that’ll take.

After shopping we drove to Lamar to Denny’s and got lunch. John had finished installing parts in his truck at this point and met us there. The food was delicious as always and I ended up bringing leftovers home because I have trouble finishing my food when we’re there. Once we finished eating John and I headed back towards home, but we didn’t even make it there before the garage called and said his truck was done being inspected. From there we turned back around, picked up his truck, and then headed to his parents to drop off the car that we have basically been borrowing all summer. We ended up being there a lot longer than I planned, but it was nice to see them at least. I’m just hoping that we can get through the holidays in one piece and get 2016 over with. I’m beyond over this year and I want to get on with my life.

I finished up the Christmas cards when we got home tonight and then started right in on my insurance renewal application. It’s primarily just a giant pain in the ass and I’m glad that I don’t have to think about it any longer.

New twist: I found out earlier today that I have to start my internship a lot sooner than I thought. I actually have to be there at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning to start tax school training. In the mean time, John opened a couple of his Christmas presents. One of which was a shot glass so we’ve been drinking off and on this evening. I plan on putting a decent dent in the bottle of wine I opened tonight also. It’s an Apothic Inferno 15.9% bottle, which I’ve been looking forward to opening since the beginning of the semester. John bought it for me shortly after the semester started and we indirectly ended up saving it for after finals.