Operation Finish 2k16: Installment 3

My internship training started off being a little discouraging. There is just a lot of work that needs to be done. Today we all took the mid-term styled exam for the first half of the book. I managed to get a score high enough to pass for the exam. I just want the training to be over at this point. I don’t think that I’ll mind the job part of it that much. Going through the training on my own, as opposed to in a group, would be much more beneficial to the way that I learn. I guess it wouldn’t be as bad, but I have trouble following along the way that Miriam, my boss, is going over the information. She seems to be glossing over certain sections that we end up needing more detailed information from those sections and then we have to go double back and recap. I would be much better off if I could just take the extra time and read through the entire chapter.

Aside from that I have at least been getting along with my fellow interns fairly well. It was a little weird at first, but I think we’ve broken through most of the initial awkwardness. Them finding a local dead body upstairs definitely managed to bring us together as a group. Having that day in common gave us something to unite us together, even if it did come at the expense of some random woman. I mean what are the odds that she was found a few days after we started our internship considering she had been dead for, they believe, about a year and a half.

Still hasn’t been any progress with our pipes from what I can tell either. I know that John had some plans, but the holiday and the weather have been throwing a bit of a wrench into things. I just wish there was a way that I could magically fix all our plumbing issues and take some of the stress off of his current situation. I feel terrible, but I know that if I push him too hard he’s just going to implode. At the same time however, I can DYING to be able to shower in my own bathroom again. Hell, it’s been at least two months…and I can definitely say it’s starting to become increasingly frustrating by the day. I’m starting to get upset with John over it, although I know there isn’t much he can do at the moment, which is making me feel even worse about it…



Post Nerve Repair Surgery Chaos

December 11th John took me to get my nerve repair surgery at Danville so that I could potentially get my tongue numbness to subside. I remember being awake at the hospital periodically  a couple times while I was still at the hospital, but no sooner did I regain consciousness I was out again. One of the few things I remember from the ride home was getting sick in the truck and then I vaguely remember waking up a couple times and feeling really cold. Once we got back home I basically slept for about three days and then I started to actually be able to function again a little bit. I wish I could say that I felt better after the surgery, but I’m still struggling to get back to feeling like myself. The first week after the surgery I went into work for half days on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. I ended up having to take off on Wednesday and Thursday because while I was trying to recover I actually came down with a cold that I was not prepared to handle at all. It pretty much made me feel like I was going to die and of course I still have that cough that won’t go away. I’ve been taking some decent prescribed cough syrup, but that makes me feel tired, so it’s yet another catch twenty-two situation. I have multiple co-workers that are sick and I’ve been trying to avoid them because I feel like they aren’t taking anything at all for it and the last thing I want is to get sick again, but I need to work at the same time.

Today was our Christmas party at work also, which was a little low key since we were missing two of our employees and we all ended up eating at different times. It probably didn’t help that I made a trip to the bank in the middle of it either. We had some hamburger barbecue, macaroni salad, chips, and cookies. The food was pretty good, but I had some coffee this morning which made me feel sick and heightened my acid reflux symptoms, so it made everything I did today a little more complicated, because my throat has felt like it was on fire all day.

Aside from that I have been spending a majority of my time sleeping off the effects of the surgery and working on my Winter Intersession class. The class has been going better than I expected so far and I actually managed to get a 98% on my first exam and I have received full credit on each of my other assignments. So far I’m pretty happy with the way it’s been going and I hope that I can continue to get similar grades, although our professor mentioned that the work we’ve done so far was apparently easier than what we have to look forward to. I almost wish she hadn’t bothered to tell us, because now I’m slightly discouraged, but overall I’m still hoping for the best.