So Much Has Changed

Things have taken a turn for interesting. I guess one of my acquaintances thinks that she might be pregnant. She apparently thought that it would be a good idea to confide that in me…but she isn’t aware of everything that I just went through with the abortion either. Had she known that she probably would have asked someone else’s opinion. I talked to her about her potential options. She has come to the conclusion that she can’t really afford to have an abortion, nor does she want one even if she could afford it. However, she currently is failing out of college, her mom moved away, and she has no job at all. Her baby daddy is only a cohabitant with her and still sleeping with her. She also stopped taking the birth control she was on almost six months ago, so it isn’t really a surprise that she is pretty sure she’s pregnant considering they weren’t being safe either. Things will work themselves out I guess, one way or another. I just hope that if she is pregnant and decides to go through with having the baby that she is capable of being an adult and either stepping up to take care of it or gives it to someone who is willing to do so. In the meantime I just told her that if she had any questions or if she wanted any advice I’d try to help out as best as I could. I know she wants a baby but I personally don’t believe that now is a good time for that whatsoever. I feel like she should get her life back on track and actually have the means to take care of herself, let alone a child, before she jumps into it. I’m not saying that she should have an abortion, there’s always adoption and other things of that nature, but she definitely has a few decisions that she needs to make.
This time last year I was sitting on a beach in Mexico, probably not sober at all, and having a wonderful time with my new friends. It is so odd to think about where I was just one year ago. My life has changed so much in that amount of time. For the most part I have stopped drinking, my grades have dropped a pretty significant amount, and so much more. I never would have though that I would end up living with the kid that sat in front of me in history who barely glanced at me. It also blows my mind that a year ago Matt was such a big part of my life and now he’s pretty much nothing more than a contact in my phone. I remember getting off the plane from Mexico, I didn’t even go home first, I went to meet Matt so that we could hookup since he was upset that I hadn’t seen him in over a week, and I never told him I was leaving at all. However, in my defense, I didn’t know that I was required to inform the guy that used me as a booty call that I was leaving the country…apparently there are all sorts of unwritten rules that I didn’t know. Oh well, it’s a bit late for that now, not like it matters anymore anyway. I’m really glad that I am no longer reliant on someone who doesn’t really care about me. I have John and it’s nice to know that he is going to come home every night and that I can trust him for the most part. I know that there have been altercations between us from time to time but he is here for me nonetheless. Plus he just brought me a snack!