A wonderful Anniversary

As I sit here looking around me I realize that I should be doing more. It doesn’t seem like I can ever manage to catch up with the things that I should be doing. I know I currently have 12 assignments that I need to work on for school. All of which I’m sure will be relatively time consuming. There are also a decent chunk of household chores that I need to catch up on as well. Our living room is pretty disorganized at the moment and I want to have everything straightened up for when John comes home. I want to be able to share my achievements with him. The past few days with him have been amazing. Yesterday we went gun shop hopping for our one year anniversary. We came across an M38 which I bought mainly for John, but also for myself. This was a first for me since I have never done the paperwork for a firearm before. It was a really interesting experience. Then after that we got taco bell and I ended up buying John an underfold AK, which I can already tell he loves. I’m not even sure how long he played with it last night before we went to sleep. As he was playing with them I noticed that he kept switching back and forth between the two new guns, almost like he wasn’t sure which he liked more. It was ADORABLE. After we bought him the AK we stopped at the Altoona mall and I got a couple new pairs of flip flops since I am down to two pairs that are close to breaking. He also bought me new leggings since the ones I have need replaced. On top of that he let me pick out a ring. It was a little more than either of us planned on spending but it’s beautiful and I love it. He still has it hidden somewhere however, and I can’t wait until he actually surprises me with giving it to me. Even though I know what the ring looks like it doesn’t take away from any of the wonderment that surrounds the entire thing for me. I actually like that he let me pick it out so that I’m not disappointed with what I get. Not that I think he would disappointment me, but so that it doesn’t happen anyway. I love John to death and I’m so glad that I have him in my life.