Operation Graduation: T-Minus 50 Days

John came back home after work and we were up for a little while watching Netflix, but then he decided to shower and we went to sleep. I had trouble getting out of bed this morning, even though we went to sleep relatively early. Maybe I slept too long, who really knows with me anymore. I planned on getting a shower when I got up this morning, but with getting up late I actually didn’t have time so I just redid my makeup and ran out the door.

When I got to the office I made some coffee and took care of the normal opening activities. After that I started in on some home work until John came down for lunch. He was here for a little while and finally adjusted the office heat for me. After he left I went back to working on homework. Luckily I managed to get a couple things finished up and I can move on to the next thing on my list later tonight when I get home.

At this point I’ve got about an hour left to my shift, so I’m attempting to tie up some loose ends of the day and get things ready to close the office. There was someone who was supposed to come pick up a copy of their 2015 return today, but they never actually came in. I have an entire book that I need to read by the end of the week and I feel like it’s going to be insanely boring. Between that and the two or three group projects that I’m in the process of things are going to get interesting as I try to meet my deadlines. I took a look at my group Google Doc’s earlier today and so far no one has actually done anything. I mean I can’t really say anything since I haven’t gotten anywhere either… Things are just so hectic that I haven’t had time and I was hoping that someone else would have had the time to pick up a little of my slack, but apparently that was assuming too much.


Operation Graduation: T-Minus 51 Days

Sunday I finally got my aunts taxes finished up. Then I started in on another tax return. I got as far as I could with it before I needed more information. There was a health care statement that was missing. Little did I know I actually ended up having to file an amended return and get everything straightened out afterwards. I met John for dinner at Denny’s when he was allowed to go on break. I was glad that he had the time to see me, since I ended up falling asleep pretty directly after I got home. I got back up when he finally made it home and watched some Netflix with him before he was ready to go to bed. He’s been sick so I’ve been sleeping downstairs trying not to catch it for once. Hopefully sleeping in a separate space from him will help. John finally gave me an updated copy of his WWII schedule for this year and I’m hoping that I can actually get the chance to see him here and there during the summer. I know he’s going to be busy, but I’m hoping that for once I might not be that busy. I’m way too afraid to let myself think that I might actually have time to see him for once.

Monday I worked at the Lock Haven office for Jackson Hewitt from 10-7, so I didn’t have time to get much of anything else done. I got a little homework done, but no where near enough to even make a minor dent in what has been piling up.

Yesterday I got a few things taken care of. I gave John the final copy of his taxes to send it for the amendment. Then I had to receive a delivery of sandwiches for a Young Marine fundraiser. I found a return at the office yesterday morning that also caught me off guard a little bit. It had a check that was ready for pickup and no one had called the client in a literal month. At least if they did it hadn’t been properly logged on the folder. So I called him as soon as I could and the voice mail hadn’t been set up yet. I plan to try calling again in a day or so.

Today was terrible. Legitimately. I’ve been half crying or literally crying a majority of the day. I’ve been venting at John, trying not to fight with him, but things are getting increasingly more difficult the higher my stress level gets. I wish there was some way that we could just turn things back a few years before every part of our lives got so fucked. I would kill for him, but lately things are just different and I miss how things used to be. I know that there’s no way to undo the damage that I’ve caused or anything that he’s done, but I need things to change in some way…

That Fantastic July Cold

I spent Monday morning hanging out with John. Once he woke up I made up breakfast and we watched Netflix for a while. Then he left to go shooting with his friends before he had to go to work. So while he was gone I spent the rest of my day cleaning our kitchen and part of the bathroom. I planned on working on cleaning up some more today, but I woke up this morning to a cold and currently feel like my head wants to explode. I’ve been tossing back cough syrup like clockwork, so hopefully that starts kicking in soon.

I still went to work today though so I’m fairly happy about that. I ended up being clocked in a little over eight hours by the time I ended up leaving. I was by myself most of the day because two of my co-workers decided to call off. In a way I prefer being alone, especially since I was sick. I feel worse about working when I’m sick because I don’t want to get anyone else sick either. I’m sure that the two that called off are probably going to be pretty pissed off when they find out that they aren’t going to be getting paid for the holiday since they didn’t show up today. One of them hurt his back and the other apparently had “stuff” to do.

At this point I’m hoping that sleeping will make me feel better. I currently plan on going to work tomorrow, but I’ll definitely reevaluate when I wake up in the morning. I don’t want to miss work because I need the money, but at the same time I don’t want to spread my germs around. On top of that if I’m sick to the point that I don’t make them money it isn’t worth them paying me to be there, so it’s better for everyone if I just stay home. Even now I’m having trouble focusing. That might be partially because it’s 2 a.m. and I’m just now starting to get tired, but also because of this cold. Maybe this is why I didn’t really feel like doing much this past weekend….


Parks and Recreation, Waiting for Ordered Items, and Prospects of Change on the Horizon

I have made the commitment to begin watching a show on Netflix called Parks and Recreation. So I woke up this morning, naturally, around 8:15 and I started to let the show play while I started making my to-do list for the day. Now that the to-do list is finally completed I decided to, while still watching Parks and Recreation, to make a journal entry. This entry of course I will end up copying over as a blog post because my thoughts end up much more organized that way than the cluster fuck that usually occurs when I just type and ramble, which is what I typically do. In the way of Parks and Recreation review I’m starting to understand why the show has 4 stars on Netflix. I’m on season 5 now and the show has literally only made me laugh a handful of times, but I still feel like I want to know what happens. There are certain film techniques used that makes it awkward, but other than that I don’t really mind it that much. One or two of the main characters are basically in the category of “drop dead gorgeous” so I’m sure that probably helps with their ratings overall. Like every other show they also have those relationship pairs that every girls finds appealing and knowing what happens to these couples becomes like crack to every lonely white girl with too much free time.

Seeing multiple couples get married over the course of the show so far has made me realize just how much I care about John and jow uch of a permanent fixture he has become in my life and that makes me unbelievablely happy. We’re verging on two years together and he means a lot to me and I love that he is always here for me and that we have a great support system between us.Our relationship has developed a lot like a Philodendron grows: There are occasionally some bad leaves that need to be eliminated for the overall halth of the unit, which then makes way for the new vine grown. Being a vining plant it wil contine to grow along with us and change over time, just as the two of us will within our relationship.

As I have broken the clasp on my leather-bound journal I decided to buy a new leather-bound journal to replace the one that I have now. The new one has a different design on it than the one that I have right now. I debated for the longest time over whether I was going to just get a new copy of the exact journal that I have now, but I asked for John’s opinion on what he thought that I should do and he told me that he thought I should get something different and exciting, so that’s exactly what I did. I love the pattern on my old one but I ended up getting one that I thought was pretty cute. I’m waiting on the new journal to come in the mail. Supposedly it should be here on Saturday, but I’m a little skeptical since there is a holiday that interferes with the timing. However, maybe the postal service has actually allocated for the holiday in the shipping estimate that was provided when I placed my order the other night. Among the last minute sale items that I have ordered I got a new neoprene camera case with a new memory card since I’ve never had a case for my camera. I’ve noticed that there has been a decent amount of damage to it over the past four or five years. John’s mom gave me Amazon gift cards for Christmas, among other things, part of which I used to buy John and myself the next two seasons (5 &6) of NCIS to add to our collection. To top it off I was online and found a new manual treadmill that I really like. There were fairly decent reviews for the one I bought and I’m looking forward to when it gets here and I can try it out. I’ve never really looked into manual treadmills, but I guess they are set at a slight incline so as you step forward your momentum and force will move the belt forward. This also engages more muscles than a regular electric treadmill, which makes me happy. Aside from that, Christmas wise, I received: moccasins, a scarf, a wallet, jewelry, a plethora of tights and knee high socks, cookies, gold rimmed glasses, tea tree oil foot spray, coffee mix, a kitchen aid mixer, ceramic baking dishes, soup/sandwich bowls, chocolate covered spoons, hot chocolate stir sticks, Christmas decorations, a decorative glass jar, candy, an air plant, a Christmas cactus in one of my long-dead relatives’ planters, and some bath/body lotion products.

The only thing remotely close to a “resolution” that I plan on working towards is that I need to make a conscious effort at not being such a procrastinator about everything in my life. Unless a list of things gets made for me to work toward I typically don’t get very much accomplished and honestly, I’m quite sick of the way I have been. So, I’m hoping to change that at least a little, but hopefully a lot.

While I was at Clint & Court’s house last night we ended up talking about her dad and the apartment that is above his work shop in Avis. This apartment would give us another room for John to use to store all of his stuff. On the plus side I love this apartment, I would be closer to work, and it would make doing laundry and everything else a lot easier for me, since we would have a washer/dryer in the apartment. I know John would have to commute a little farther to work, but overall I think we would be happier than we are now with no room. One thing that makes me excited about the Avis apartment is that there are so many windows that light up the entire apartment that you basically don’t really need lights on in the building. Also, we wouldn’t have to deal with neighbors being obnoxious because we really wouldn’t have any neighbors around us, or at least in our same building anyway.