Exams, Grandparents, and Wisdom Teeth Agony

I’ve gotten two of my exam grades back so far this semester. The final grade on my tax exam was an 81 and I managed to get a 90 on my entrepreneurship exam. So overall I’m pretty happy with the grades that I’ve gotten so far. It was definitely a lot better than I expected considering I ended up cramming for both exams since they were only two days apart. Hopefully my next couple exams turn out the same way. I have an online quiz/homework assignment for Physics that I’m pretty worried about and then I have an exam tomorrow morning that I haven’t really prepared for much at all. I really need to get my head out of my ass and spend a lot more time doing homework and going to class. If I need to memorize a bunch of formulas for Financial Management tomorrow my grade is probably going to suffer a lot.

On top of that my grandmother was diagnosed with a small warning stroke after being taken to the hospital on Saturday night. She had a really extensive stroke about 11 years ago, so of course everyone was concerned when we got phone calls about her being taken to the hospital. I was still at work when I got the call and I left in a hurry and got to the hospital as soon as I could. When they called me they weren’t even sure what was wrong with her, just that she had felt numb and dizzy. I took her yesterday to a follow up appointment and it ended up being an all day endeavor by the time everything was taken care of.

Monday morning I have to be in DuBois by 8:00 in the morning for an appointment with the surgeon that extracted my wisdom teeth, which I am a little scared about. It was officially been more than two months that the entire left side of my tongue has been consistently numb. I can’t believe that it’s still numb. I figured that the numbness would have eventually worn off, but so far it feels just as numb as it was the first couple days after the surgery. We all have been assuming that the surgeon hit a nerve during the surgery, but who really knows what happened.